VPI Scoutmaster to HRX

Hello! And "Thank You!" all in advance for sharing your experience.

I am considering upgrading from my approx 20 year old VPI Scoutmaster with 9" arm. I already have most of the accessories. I am very interested in the HRX. Does anyone have the experience of the same or similar comparisons between these two TT's?




There is absolutely nothing wrong with a VPI unipivot arm, simplicity at it's best and the 9 inch basic arm is a steal at the price, just sayin. Enjoy the music

I have a Scout with the 9" uni pivot arm never a problem no wabbling at all. It makes me wonder how many folks that criticize them have actually used them. Like you I get upgrade fever from time to time but would stay in the VPI family as I think they make products that sound great.

@tablejockey 1++  It is only a different look. You need to stay away from unipivot arms. I suggest a Kuzma 4 Point 9 along with the Phoenix speed control. If you want to make a big leap in turntable performance and not looks the Sota Sapphire will do nicely.  

Will you be using the same cartridge and phononstage?  I recently upgraded my VPI rig with good results. But, as I often do, I lack the self discipline to make one change at a time. I went from a VPI Super Scout with a 10” JMW unipivot arm and Hana ML to a VPI Prime with 10” 3D gimbal arm with their Shyla (AT) cartridge and the overall effect was very positive. I kept the same cabling and preamp. 

So, assuming you have more willpower than me, consider making smaller steps but let’s face it, it’s fun to explore new equipment and I suspect the fun-factor is part of your equation. It certainly is for me. BTW, new phono preamp is in transit (Sutherland Little Loco). 

Why the HRX? It's long been out of production. I'd look at some of the current VPI tables. A version of the Classic 3 is being produced and that seems like a good table to look into.

IMO, possibly a lateral move.

A non VPI arm and the Phoenix/Sota speed control is what I’d do.

Many "better" arms to choose from that you could later use on a future "better" non VPI table.

Longtime VPI Classic user.

Edit- no upgrade unless phonostage is already $ maxed.