Different arm for VPI Scoutmaster

Does anyone know how easy it is to put an SME type of arm or any other arm into the Scoutmaster? Thanks
Not the SME as it would require cutting the base. Something like the Jelco 250 or 750 would probably be relatively easy, as would some other arms. From my experiences with a Scoutmaster [I am a VPI dealer] the original arm is a good match; unless I had a compelling reason I would either leave it as is or start with another table-arm combination. But if you are set on it it it would not be too difficult for most conventional arms of around the same length. Check the chart on Vinyl Engine for arm length and make sure the arm base fits the table cut out.
Actually, I called VPI and they said that I can trade in my JMW9 for a new JMW10.5. Is it worth the upgrade?
I should know this but while I had the 9" arm on my Scout and Scoutmaster and the 10.5" on my Classic there was a gap of several months between having them set up. Even though I am a dealer the exchange cost is not on the price sheet; I feel the 10.5 is the better arm but not knowing how much money is involved I am loath to give advice.
From what I recall, the JMW-9 to 10.5i upgrade is $1500 and the JMW-9 Signature to 10.5i upgrade is $1000. Prices may have changed and they don't seem to be listed any more on the VPI site.
I have a Superscout rim drive and changed from the 9 inch Valhalla to the 10.5i. I use the Benz Ebony LP in both. The difference was very slight indeed. The longer arm may even be a bit more fussy to handle, however, when you get used to it, it's as easy as any other arm.
I am with Stringreen, the difference is not that great; the 9" arm is very good. The Scoutmaster with standard arm is an excellent table; there was a gap of several months between the time I sold my demo and when I got the Classic in stock so I never directly compared them but as far as I can remember I liked the older table at least as well. Spend a moderate amount of money and replace the aluminum feet with solid brass ones. I am a Star Sound dealer so I used their Audio Points but any with a 1/4 20 thread will work. I liked the solid cones better than the Mini TNT feet but they are another possibility.