Vogue Audio 7N OCC silver cables

I know of two people on A'gon who are using them.  Wondering if there are any others with direct experience of this brand.  Uninterested in discussions about cables in general, or about silver cables in particular, so please don't post.  Right now and for the next ten days Vogue has a pretty tasty sale going on: https://www.vogueaudio.com/specials, which is what piqued my interest.


Uninterested in discussions about cables in general, or about silver cables in particular, so please don't post.

so why not just try them since they offer :

"Cable products may be returned for a full refund less shipping charges within 30 calendar days upon receipt (all countries). Special Orders: Custom lengths, special terminations, Rhodium connectors (except power cables), and electrical parts are not returnable. Return Authorization required by contacting Support Services. Warranty: 10 years parts and labor repair or replacement. Complete information is outlined on the Instruction Sheet included in the product package. Please note that all orders are via our online store or by emailed Invoice."

I will try their 20-amp version power cable for my 1800VA balanced AC isolation transformer. Very attractive pricing for what seems a high-quality product. My Lavricable Grand power cables are terrific, but they did not recommend them for this specific use with high watt transformer.


@charles1dad Another big Lavri fan/owner, but these also seem to offer great value given their higher-purity silver.  I’d be very interested in your thoughts and also the quality of the connectors that I think have a big influence on ultimate sound quality.


According to the Lavricables website, about the Grand PC:

10 cores of 5N solid silver wire AWG28 are used for Active line and 10 cores for Neutral in order to transfer AC voltage.

This converts to about 18 gauge, which is not near rated for a normal 15 amp USA 115V circuit. Maybe fine for some equipment at Europe’s higher voltage, but I’m not sure about their codes.

So please be careful with the Lavricables PC for anything that draws significant current.


I had been using very good lower gauge copper power cables with my 300b SET mono blocks the past 13 years quite happily. The Lavricables Grand power cables are an improvement sonically across the board.I’m exceptionally pleased with them in my audio system.

They were not considered an ideal choice for my power conditioner/isolation transformer. Thus I will try these Vogue Audio 20 amp edition.



If this cable is as good as the Lavricables in my system, I’ll be very happy. Lavricables on my amplifiers, line stage and CD transport external power supply, wonderful!


@charles1dad - I wasn’t intending to knock lower gauge power cables for audio, only intending to reinforce the caution as you already pointed out. Thanks for relating your experience. That’s what these conversations are all about! 


The Vogue Audio power cable plug is OFC pure copper with either gold or rhodium plating, That’s pretty good. I don’t know at what point enough # of Ns is sufficient (4,5, 7 N silver) and then it’s just marketing babble. 11 gauge OCC silver conductor, so rated to handle 20 amps. Very flexible non bulky minimalist design (Similar to Lavricables) so again another plus for me. I’ll soon find out. 50% off for the remainder of the month.



No problem, I didn’t interpret your post in any negative manner. I understand the point/caution you were pointing out.


I’m using the Vogue Audio 7n OCC Silver Strand speaker cables at the moment. 2 meters with spades. I could have used 1.5 meters but I don’t think it would make a difference with these cables.

So far, 3/4 through my audition, all is good. These speaker cables have given my music greater presence by reproducing the myriad of micro harmonics in and around each note and instrument. Imaging has improved and the sound stage has deepened. Suprisingly to me, I’ve lowered the volume on my pre from 36 to 25-27 to achieve the same spl -- much more efficient cables. I can even hear the music at level 1 whereas almost no sound was reproduced at that level with my prior cables. So far the VA sc’s seem to be a good deal! Don’t know if I’ll try the pc’s.

@soix I still have them, Transparent Super (Gen. 5); I may use them to bi-wire the speakers.  Thinking the VA (silver) on the LF posts and the Transparent's (copper) on the HF posts. Will have to wait until break-in is done and whether I still think/feel the VA's are what I want.  So far, though, I like the sound they produce.

Because of this thread, I’ve just spent some money, a nearly ~$400 experiment (which is a great price for a 6 foot silver PC TBH!). I just ordered the Vogue PC, it will be compared to a DH Labs Corona, in either my Rogue RP9 pre or ST100 power. I’m perfectly happy with the Corona, just curious if there’s a positive difference with the Vogue. Power cords are one of those things that make a difference either sonically negative or for the better, but I can’t exactly explain why. I have AZ Silver Ref 2 XLR for my main interconnects, those are staying, as they are a great match with my Rogue and Zestos equipment.


Because of this thread, I’ve just spent some money, a nearly ~$400 experiment (which is a great price for a 6 foot silver PC TBH!). I just ordered the Vogue PC, it will be compared to a DH Labs Corona, in either my Rogue RP9 pre or ST100 power

Well, its the best way to determine if a product will suit your needs, just listen and judge. I ordered a 1 meter power cable (20 amp IEC) to go from wall outlet to my isolation balanced AC transformer (1800 va). All of my audio components are plugged into this device. Balanced AC is wonderful sounding in my system. I should receive it sometime next week. The 50 % off pricing made it further enticing.


Received the Vogue silver power cord, with rhodium ends a couple days ago.  For now I've swapped out my DH Labs Corona for the Vogue.  Build quality is excellent, but am surprised how thin (still is 11 AWG) and flexible the Vogue is compared to the Corona.  Gonna be honest here, and perhaps the DH Labs is that good, but there is little difference between the two!  First impressions, comparatively speaking, are of slightly less bass with the Vogue, but slightly greater distinction and space between instruments.  This definitely can be noticed the Julian Lage's new album (View With a Room) with Frisell....  Frisell's rhythm patterns and textures are more evident, very nice.  Perhaps more detail all around, but nothing in your face.  Again, not sure how PC makes this difference, but here we are.  Have a feeling this Vogue would be excellent in a DAC or perhaps a pre.  So far so good, nice cord.  

I tried the Vogue power cord with the rhodium plated connectors and also tried re-terminating to Neotech OCC copper gold-plated connectors. The sound wasn’t pleasing to me in either case. It was a high dose of the freq response of silver on any component I tried it on. Peaky response around the nasal sounds, and lack of throat, body and bass response. Not very smooth sounding to my ear. Also, pretty inflexible because of the teflon tube the conductors are inside of. Took advantage of the return policy on the extra cable which I didn’t use. I do like some silver in my digital front end only, but not the sound of solid silver conductors in the power cables.



Thanks for your comments. What does your system consist of? It is very helpful to understand what they are connected to and the venue. There is a place for your system under your user ID… then you don’t have to keep repeating it in threads. 




Thanks for posting your components. Great system. Clearly you have a carefully chosen system with many fine components. It is clear why you are able to detect such nuances in cables.


Would love to see some photos of your system in its venue. 

I just bought the Vogue silver strand ultra speaker cables and they have made a noticeable difference in my system.  There is more clarity in higher frequencies without being harsh or bright, just more distinct.  I have also noticed a slight improvement in soundstage and, more particularly, imaging.  They do need at least 75 hours of break in according to the manufacturer, but I am pleased with them already.  I have been looking for silver cables and have been reluctant to part with the dosh but at 50% off I figured why not.  So far I think it money well spent.

@t_ramey I have the gold plated copper spades.  The audition is going well for me, no nasty sibilence heard.  Tighter bass, more defined.  What I'm noticing now is a more apparent leading edge, which in my system I like.

I’m quite interested in these cables as well. 

I’ve been primarily thinking of eventually going with Audio Sensibility Signature speaker cables or Zavfino Prima MKII. 

Right now I’m going to either use existing Groneberg Reference or Cullen Crossover II. 

They're located in Englewood, Florida, which is right in the path of the eye of Ian.

@tump350 I think part of what I’m hearing when I say distinct is what you are talking about with the leading edge or transients being more apparent but not bright or harsh.  I’ve been running them about 10 hours a day since this past Monday when I got them and they just keep getting better.  They sound fuller now but still with clarity.  I’ve noticed a fantastic improvement in bass reproduction.  I was listening to Van Halen Romeo Delight the other night and caught so much more of Michael Anthony’s bass lines in that song.  Cleaner, clearer more present.  I listened for about three hours last night and was so impressed that I gave my system a standing ovation (I know that sounds dumb but whatever 🙂), it’s made that much of a difference to my ears.

I have a complete loom of the Lavricables Grand series (5N Silver) (power cable, speaker cables, RCA and XLR interconnects). Very lightweight and extremely flexible, I like them and they sound very good. I purchased the same complete loom of Vogue Audio 7N OCC silver cables (OCC copper; "Our Silver Strand Ultra™ cable line features ultrapure 7N OCC silver singular multicore bonded conductors housed in Chemfluor® Teflon lossless air-cores".) I put the Vogue cables on my cable burner for one week and then into my system, by day two in my system they had settled in and to my surprise, they sounded just as good as the Lavricables Grand series. One can’t go wrong with either brand of cabling. My only criticism of the Vogue cables is they are a bit on the stiff side.

From Vogue: https://www.vogueaudio.com/about-vogue-audio