Two new Schiit Yggdrasil's released yesterday!

Yesterday Schiit now announced two new Yiggdrasil models to be sold, alongside the current original Analog 2 model.

Three "flavors" to chose from.

Both models priced at less than the current analog 2. All three now have different D/A converters chips.

Future sales will determine which two are dropped, and then the remaining model will continue to be made.

Strange marketing "ploy" in my opinion???

There are a couple of comparisons of the models done at the Schiit store in California.

New Schiit Yggdrasil Blind Listening ComparisonThe very first sentence on the Schiit Audio Yggdrasil web page says, Forget everything you know about DACs. I concur in the most unequivocal way possible. Members of the Audiophile Style community are well aware that I absolutely love the Schiit Audio Yggdrasil DAC. I reviewed it back in November...
Review: Schiit Yggdrasil OG Vs. Less Is More Vs. More Is LessA review of the Schiit Yggdrasil OG Vs. Less Is More Vs. More Is Less. All three of the new Schiit Yggdrasil variants compared in a shootout.

Thoughts and comments, Yiggy fans??
Past Yggy owner. Analog 2. Unison USB.

Prominent, deep bass. Large image. Unrefined highs.

I enjoyed it while I owned it. Found something I prefer, but for much more money. 

What did you not like about the sound of your Yiggy?

Were unrefined highs a lack of detail or what?

What DAC did you change to and how much did it cost?
I have been to the “ Schitter “ in California, wouldn’t be my first choice of a room / system for a DAC shootout…but the business model allows for inhome w return ( i recall ? ) Are they gonna ship a customer all three ?


BTW i can strongly advise reading the book, Moffat chapter is a real hoot.
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+1, I also strongly advise reading the book.  It is very interesting to see how this start up young company became what it is today.  
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Getting 3 Yggy's at one time to test. 

Is this called "getting your Schiit together?"
The Schiit trial of 15 days is way too short to fully break in their DACs and realize the long term sound quality.

I have 2 Gumby Multibit 5 DACs, and both took a good 4 weeks to settle in, before they sounded their best.

Well, I guess sometimes less is more.

You know, it really doesn’t surprise me. Schiit thinks outside of the box. I worked at Burr-Brown (think DACs in high end CD players) and worked with design engineers. Schiit probably had two camps… the overdo it guy and the “what sounds best” guy and they just said, “let the customers decide.

A common argument… build to specs or theoretically good, or to the ear. I’ll go with the guy who builds something that sounds good any day.
Ihad the latest model unison module ,top 🍊 fuse upgrade 
with those medical grade chip sets it’s just not that musical it does something’s well but prat and one of them .it has great bass ,and very respectable detail 
even with top Usb cable that’s very warm and still its not That involving vs 
the Denafrips Venus ,or HoloSprings 3 which are right around $3k ,
if your-system is tubes and warm then maybe . In your system it Maybe good.
the 15 day return is bare minimum for breakin to decide plus a 15% fee and 
loss of shipping both ways. After reading all these reviews what a let down .
after that I just said I will spend much more to get closer to a reference level
the Bricasti M3 with streamer well worth the extra monies.

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Sounds like the Less Is More is much more musical and "analog" to those who have heard it.

I had the A1 model and would agree that it could be a bit unforgiving in the highs. It was the only thing I could really fault it for.. supposedly the A2 was better, but it was still somewhat present.

The More is Less sounds like it’s that but on steroids... best measuring R2R out there (supposedly), but some have described it as being too "80’s SABRE-like" in its presentation.

I put an order in for the LiM version because if it addresses my biggest complaint of the previous being too "hot", I think I’d be pretty much set on what I’d like out of a DAC.

Plus, sounds like Moffat prefers it himself.
These folks at Sch-tt have been drinking the kool-aid a while now and I think its getting to them. 

Reading too many of their own reviews.

Yes it can happen to the best of them.

Not that the company's products don't represent the best value
made in the USA. Because they do.

Good but not perfect. Like most everything we like.
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@ghdprentice For sure, have to love the genius of Charlie at Ayre ( RIP ) who put “ listen “ and “ measure “ switch on his DAC…..
I really appreciate what they have done in the audiophile world. Also I think it is smart
the way they approached the audio market like the Japanese car makers did back in the day. Now look at these car companies and what they have accomplished. This could be a beta test to see which sound is preferred by most people. Then they cancel one or two models and build on the ones that succeeded. I own a Schiit Mani and a Loki. I think they are good for the money and it gets some people who cannot afford expensive stuff to get into the Hifi world. Also, It lets you get your feet wet in some formats. I borrowed a buddies turntable and Pink Floyd albums. Then I liked it so much I bought an AT LP3 turntable and a Schiit mani. And started to buy my own Floyd collection. The Loki came later to help the sound of the turntable. Now I am looking for a very good TT to continue my Vinyl passion. Like I said I appreciate what they have done. 
I’d be willing take a Schiit for a test drive. Or maybe one of you very generous humans can give a Schiit to me when you’re done moving that Schiit around. 
I promise to cherish that Schiit and never take a Schiit without courtesy. 
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They’re letting you install the upgrades yourself, if you think you’re up to it. I have already done both USB cards myself, and would definitely be interested in the self install option. Plus you get to keep the original boards, as Schiit did not return them with the factory installed upgrades. Any opinions on which upgrade might yield the best sound from an old yiggy with A1 and a Unisom USB?
Also, does the eeprom chip needing to be replaced get soldered, or dose it just fit into a socket?
The EEPROM based firmware update for the DSP board is socketed. So no soldering at all is required to do the install.

However, one needs to be vewy vewy careful not to bend (and then possibly break off) a fragile pin on the EEPROM during the chip swap out. Full attention is necessary for this step -- only push down with pressure to seat the EEPROM when all the pins are aligned in the correct socket holes.

There are also numerous pins on the analog boards that connect up to the main board sockets. Same issue here, although these pins look more robust.

I just ordered a LiM board set to compare to my current Analog 2/OG setup. I already like the OG version plenty so the comparison should be interesting. I won’t be drinking zinfandel during the install.
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Almost forgot: An anti static wrist strap and a way to ground it is highly recommended to prevent the EEPROM chip from getting zapped. Even more importantly, the strap will prevent any of the sensitive chips on the Yggy boards from getting wrecked via a static discharge. A grounded anti static mat that the Yggy parts rest on may also be prudent depending on the work table situation.

I usually ground myself by working in bare feet on a concrete floor. This seems to work fine as I have never felt any static shock. I feel pretty confident after finding out that I don’t have to solder the chip to the board.
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this pisses me off to no end, where is the tube Yaggy????
I requested this a long time ago and got no response. I’m upgrading to the audio mirror

"Lol! Ok, I’ll send you one. Loki 4 band eq. Take it for a drive. Schiit of charge. Promise! Like it, keep it. No, really... ;-)"

Sounds like a truly great promise from where I’m sitting! Let me know if you need an address! I’d love to check it out! 
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The Less is More variant supposedly improves on the treble issues which were present in the previous iterations of the Yggy. I had the A1/GS, and I also noticed these issues.

I loved everything else about it tho. Sounds like the LiM may not have quite the same level of plankton (for the super discerning and highly resolving systems), but that it's certainly sufficient in detail. But, the timbre, dynamics, and bass articulation is reported to be on point.

If true, I'm excited to hear it!
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Like Tvad I had real issues with the highs from my Y2. It was music dependant, if there were no really high frequencies it wasn't an issue, but I absolutely loved everything else about it, so I decided to spend a ton on cables to "fix" it, no good. I always thought that the power cord/ conditioner folks were crazy, but with great reluctance I bought a used hospital grade isolation transformer and the problem was fixed! I now use a UPS that feeds the output through an inverter, so it is always putting out its own generated/conditioned 120V. It's not better than the transformer, but it handles more of a load, and I can use it for additional components. So, don't think Tvad's crazy, the Yaggdrasil can sound harsh, but it can also be tamed for little money if you go with a used isolation transformer.
Unless you are a technician its not advised doing the More for Less upgrade yourself. For there is a needed firmware update for the DSD board that does not get changed otherwise. You would have be able to do the firmware update.

Here is what Tom at Schiit said about the More for Less upgrade.

Hello Gene,
Both boards are replaced. All upgrades includes (2) Yggdrasil Analog 2 output cards, and firmware update for the DSP board.
All the Best,
Tom E.

Then my question to that was?

How is DSP board firmware update accomplished? I want to do my own install.

Tom’s response was....

They use special RJ connectors. Due to the need for firmware and hardware updates, these upgrade is highly recommended to be done by Schiit, or by an authorized service center such as Electromod in the UK.

All the Best,
Tom E.

I thought they send you a pre-programmed firmware chip that you simply remove the old one and set in the new one?

if not, please give more specific information.


“Donniewn! Just add the Freya+!☺️“

Agreed! The Freya+ is tube mode has been highly reviewed by multiple reviewers. 
The price looks too high to me. So, I will prefer buying from other less popular brands but I will not pay the double price.

Thank you