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New DAC issues
Yes, the MIB board, the Schiit rep I spoke to said that, so I canceled the order for the board. I am sure it's not night and day, but some early reviews said they preferred the OG slightly, and that's why I pressed them on the issue. I figured it ... 
New DAC issues
@yyzsantabarbara I considered "upgrading" to the More is Better before finding the Lampizator. I was on the list early on, but they reluctantly admittedly that it was less detailed. I love detail.   
New DAC issues
@classic8 You should also consider a used Big7 or other direct heated tube Lampizator DAC. I am sure that there are other great DACs, but Don Sachs, who designs the pricy amps and preamps Spatial Audio Lab  is selling, loves his Big7 DAC. He refer... 
New DAC issues
In the Schiit line, the OG Yggdrasil takes weeks to burn in, until it does, it really sounds bad. That said, the lower end Lampizator DACs sound the best I have heard, at lower prices. I imagine there are others. They dumb down their analog sectio... 
Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw?
@ronrags  Initially, as should be expected, timbre sucks. With little more than 2 hours on them the caps are sounding much better. They sound better than most electronics that will be used to feed them. Obviously the bass will also take time, but... 
Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw?
@the_nick  PayPal claimed to have refunded me, but they haven't. I wonder if THEY are in trouble economically? The speakers are supposed to arrive any time now, but I am working 2nd shift and my wife will have to deal with UPS it seems.  
Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw?
the_nick   I desputed, and now order 95 is supposed to arrive April 3rd. If he double bills, I suspect that the credit card company will resolve it, and Mr. Shaw may be destroyed in the industry.   Lou  
Caladan Rumors and Insights
My number was 95. He has issues with PayPal, so I had to get them to refund the money, then used a credit card on his site. The speakers are supposed to be here April 3rd according to UPS.  
Is my amp good enough?
First of all, if you are truly satisfied, don't waste time and money. I suspect that you really are not satisfied. If correct, the question is why is it that you are not satisfied. I.M.O., if you are not experiencing listening fatigue, then you a... 
Are cable “upgrades” just as likely to make your system sound worse?
Absolutely, and more money doesn't mean better sounding cables. Only buy from folks who will give you an entire refund.  
Not Thrilled with Vandersteen 2CE Sigs - where is the first place to work on?
Here's the thing. Everyone has different preferences where music is concerned. I love to hear differences between cables, I am not at all sure that I could do so with especially older Vandersteens. Some prefer that, Vandersteens are, shall we say,... 
Not Thrilled with Vandersteen 2CE Sigs - where is the first place to work on?
I did some bypassing in a 2CE Signature's crossovers. They were using 3 electrolytic capacitors in series to filter out something in the tweeter. I bypassed them with Teflon V-Caps. The caps were .01uf, well, very well within the normal +/- 10% to... 
Home network Fibre optic vs Ethernet
Fiber is a pain. You need Fluke cleaners, I think they run about $100, and we usually hit a fiber end with it 3 times, so 33 cleanings and it's done, not to mention that you won't even have the equipment to test it to see how compromised it is. Wi... 
Speaker and Cable Suggestions Please
@diminishedchord    With high frequency hearing loss, I think that the Dynaudio 40 is a great recommendation based upon what I have heard about Dynaudio having the best tweeters. GR Research has an upgrade for it that will take it to a much impr... 
Why on earth?
@tonywinga RCA did that! They over saturated the colors, loved the irony of those commercials! That's what comes from not teaching people how to, and the merits of thinking critically. Well, that and totalitarianism. 😉