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VPI SDS blinking display
I have done all that! Replaced the motor, run directly off the wall, done maintenance. Did I accidentally put the SDS into calibration mode? I have a spare SDS that is NOS. I may just throw the SDS in the trash. I have used the SDS since 1998... 
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
Just disconnected my Pass Labs Xono, and X1 line stage. Will put them up for sale. They served me well for several years. Purchased an SST Ambrosia 2000 2nd Edition full preamp. Took about 20 days to settle in, and now sounds better than any pr... 
Less Is Really More - Schiit's New Yggdrasil DAC - Less Is More
I also own the Less is More YGGY and your assessment is right on! Enjoy the new YGGY! If you want to spend $3k or more and think it is a big improvement be my guest…you are wasting your money, IMO. I have compared the top DACs on top of the lin... 
Gee, it turns out Magnepan WILL survive Wendel Diller.
Never heard of the reviewer Rogier Von Bakel?? Why do we never hear from Mark Winey the president of Magnepan and son of the founder Jim Winey ??? Too much secrecy in a tiny family run company.  
Least Expensive Power Conditioner/Surge Protector That Won't Worsen Sound I like this brand power line conditioner  
Two Channel Audio for TV and Video
Never bought in to 5.1. Too complicated and sounds fake! Stereo in home theater setups are best IMO too!  
What a pile of Schiit
Excellent products and service. Can not beat the price and quality! I owned the Bi-Frost Multibit, and have in use, the Gungnir, and Less is more YGGY. All excellent! The complaints about Schiit are nonsense!  
Has anyone experimented with the sweet spot weights of the Zyx Airy # S cartridge ?
ZYX recommends 2.0 grams. That is what I have found works best.  
Audiophile virtues
You are right Harley is a shill for the high end, just as all reviewers in the absolute sound magazine are.Ignore them and listen to other audiophile friends systems, and them make your own choices we al have different tastes in equipment and soun... 
Magnepan service shut down
Lots of audio companies are in temporary dire straits due to Covid and supply chains drying up.Hold Tight!  I am surprised, that no big name, but very small company, has not gone belly up yet. 
What do audiophiles do in their cars?
I listen to a 64GB usb stick with low rez copies of my cd collection, and FM.Good enough on my premium stock Subaru Outback system. 
Are Quicksilver power tube amps in the same league as VAC, VTL, BAT, ARC, ...?
Yes!  I have friends that own Quicksilver power amps and the build quality, and sound is as good as ARC , VTL, etc! 
Electrostatic headphone amplifier recommendation
I use my Stax SR L700 ($1500) with a Stax SRM 006s driver ($1300) using NOS RCA clear top tubes, and get great results.I used to own a Stax SR 009 headphone, but that was too overly detailed, and "bright " for my tastes. I have heard very expensiv... 
SPL meter results relative to Magnepan's (supposed?) craving for power/current
An ambient noise level of 40 dB is very high!My ambient noise level is 28 to 33 dB.My Magnepan 3.6 "wakes up" at at around SPL peaks of about 75 dB.But that depends on amplifier quality, A very high quality power amp can sound very good, late at n... 
Two new Schiit Yggdrasil's released yesterday!
The Schiit trial of 15 days is way too short to fully break in their DACs and realize the long term sound quality. I have 2 Gumby Multibit 5 DACs, and both took a good 4 weeks to settle in, before they sounded their best.