Turntable setup NYC area

Hi Audiogon community, hoping you can help me out with the following situation:

I recently purchased a pretty expensive five-figure turntable and cartridge from an authorized dealer. The dealer set up the table at my home as I am not experienced in that area. It seems however that the dealer, who was setting up this particular model of turntable for the first time, did not do a particular great job either. I would therefore like the turntable to be re-setup by an expert who knows what they're doing.

I could of course watch some YouTube videos and figure it out myself but unfortunately I don't have the time to go down that path so need the expert assistance.

I live in NYC so before folks suggest Michael Trei I have already reached out to him via a number of channels but he has not responded. If Audiogon members know of any other setup experts in the NYC area please recommend them to me.



If you don’t know much about analog yet, how do you know the dealer didn’t do a great job?  What do you think is off?  

Mike Trei was my go to* when I lived in NY.

*He did house calls, set up in situ. Nice guy to boot. 

Best is David Wilson at Accent on Music Mt. Kisko. He's a Linn and Rega expert. He's one of the best two Linn turntable specialists in the US and one of the four best in the world. 

I’m finding this is starting to become a theme and threads people are like please help me and they don’t tell you what equipment they bought!

We’re not going to tell you what we have but we need help. Can you help me even though I won’t let you know exactly what’s going on or what it is plugged into!

I spoke to Mike trei at some point and decided to not have him do it as if I brought by table to him he said I wasn't going to be able to watch. I did have Steve at VAS set one up for me and he did a fantastic job. Ive since learned to do it myself as I sort of felt like if im gonna have this gear I need to learn to do it. 

We can do it,  We are in Ledgewood NJ and you can come to our listening room and hear it to make sure it sounds perfect.


I also recommend VAS, both Steve and his son Ray are wonderful people who are terrific at what they do.

I also agree, tell us more. What table, what arm, what cartridge (the cartridge's history).

What is wrong/needed? where do you want it done? i.e. in your home, or take it to someone who get's everything set up, and you carefully transport it, put it back in place, level it, done?

If you just want to see/learn the process, you can come here and watch me work on my arm(s), 26 miles from NYC, Plainfield, NJ, 07062

I put the link up in the past, to offer Gon Members a venue they could call in on and meet likeminded individuals, a contact or visit with the place in the link might have the support made known that you seek.



Thanks everyone for getting back. Appreciate the feedback from the community. As it happens Michael did eventually respond and I have scheduled a home visit in a couple of weeks. Good to know for future reference that there are a number of highly recommended options in the NYC area. 

I’m lost, how is setting up a "5 figure" turntable any different than say a "1 figure"? Let’s see, level it, proper down force, anti-skate, proper alignment of cartridge, proper isolation.