T+A Made in Germany


Someone had a thread about T+A made in China. It was deleted before I was able to post this. My T+A PA 3100 HV integrated amp says “made in Germany”. Right there in the back.


Oh, and it’s T+A, not T & A. T&A means something else 🤦‍♂️🤭😂😉



I was the OP and asked Tammy to remove it.  It seemed like it was going south, fast.  I didn’t want another p*****g match.  I shouldn’t have posted it as I finished the review and realized that it is the only T&A made in China due to being an entry level piece of equipment.  I hope this clears everything up. 

I think a few upper tier manufacturers are doing this with their entry level equipment. I think Thorens is and Vincent… some may say they are not upper tier either.


Nothing wrong with China some great things have come from China, pasta, gun powder, my mother…..

The best…. by an order of magnitude Chinese food I have ever had was in China. The pale insignificant food labeled as Chinese in the states is unreal. I love China… well and Japan… and Scotland… and Mexico… the people are so wonderful…. 

But honestly, the very best (and worst) pizza I have had is in Italy… no kidding. Interestingly  the  best pasta with Italian sauce was in Japan. 

sourcing and contract manufacturing of finished consumer electronics, especially pricier stuff, is very complex and generalizations are usually inaccurate or at minimum misleading

@ghdprentice - I don't doubt at all your experience with Chinese food in China. Here in San Francisco, we have restaurants that serve Chinese dishes from many different provinces of China - Hunan, Szechuan, Hakka, and at least 5 or 6 others. Very different from 'Chinese food' you'll get in most of the US. 

Dunno if it's true or not, but I've been told that pizza was invented in the US, not Italy. So many places to get both great and bad pizza! I like NYC-style the best....




All bring just one visual to me. A pleasant one I will admit

but explaining it to visitors might become tiring.

A brand best suited for a recluse.

Very cool looking gear and quite pricey as is most gear from Germany. My Acoustic Signature and Octave Amp is expensive but worth every cent. My RME-ADI-FS is probably the best value out there from Germany IMO

The best…. by an order of magnitude Chinese food I have ever had was in China.

No doubt, and the San Gabriel Valley in LA is good too. But you'd better bring a translator, because the menus are in Chinese only and they won't translate for you, or tell you what's in the selections! 😳

RME adi2 FS is an awesome product!!!   I just did the latest firmware...   took about 30 seconds.  They added several new features .   Nothing like free enhancements 2 years into owning a product..   Their USB connectivity and software is second to none.   

imo taiwan has the best chinese food in the world, still very true to many regional styles, has been the case for some time

hong kong is very good but more geared towards southern chinese styles, guangzhou, taishan, and so on, less credible for northern central western styles

am sure there are excellent tippy top chinese gourmet restaurants in leading mainland chinese cities but for more everyday eating those cities can't hold a candle