Puron Plug-In AC Power Conditioner; Impressions 😁

Over the past 4 months, I kept seeing threads about Puron, but never clicked on the posts as I didn’t really have a clue what they were, and I was so enamored in the performance I was getting with my Swiss Digital Fuse Boxes! Another reason the thread didn’t catch my attention, was I had already implemented a top-notch power line conditioner and this device took my system to a height unimaginable; reducing floor noise to pitch-black backgrounds and rendering ambiance and decay information effortless.

Curiosity got the best of me, and I just had to see what this device was all about… I thought to myself, surely there is nothing out there that can make my pitch-black backgrounds even blacker.

After reading a few threads about Puron and responses from a few fellow Audiophile buddies, I was surprised and elated that Mark from VERA-Fi Audio had come out with another cutting-edge product based upon science. I did a little more homework to determine the consensus on which positions these Puron devices needed to be plugged into.

I reached out to Mark again, who has been Amazing and Generous with his time in explaining some of the attributes of the Puron Plug-In AC Power Conditioner. I knew from that moment, that I would order 2 Puron devices so that I could rule out the possibilities of a blacker background and if this was even a thing?

Shortly after my conversation with Mark, I received shipment notification that the devices were on their way; That’s Top-Notch Customer Service and Lightning-Fast Shipping!

I received the Puron Plug-In AC Power Conditioners and plugged one into the first position of my line conditioner and had my initial listening observation with just 6 hours of use and from my readings, 24+ hours is when this device really starts to excel. I wished I would have read those Puron threads 4 months ago.😊😊

I searched my streaming device (Wood Cabinet) for a few of those silver shiny devices that spins by way of a CD Transport. Cued up some tracks of the music I typically listen to and primarily resolves around acoustic instruments. Did my black background become more blacker? You bet and my ears could not believe what they were hearing. The music took on another level of dimensionality, the sound became fuller, more clarity/warmth, tighter image focus, soundstage became deeper/wider and my Loudspeakers which were already holographic took on another level of Chameleonism. (I made that up) 😆

Still shaking my head, I decided to add the second Puron to my main receptacle feeding my line conditioner and the second Puron took things even further which is quite mind boggling; the sound stage became even wider and deeper, but the sound became more Life-Like. The acoustic guitar occupied a space that was so convincing and realistic that you could reach out and touch… I wasn’t just hearing the neck of the guitar but the body as well; the tone and resonance of the guitar was so beautiful and the Puron allowed the notes to swell and project toward the listener with speed, impact, clarity and the decay and ambiance retrieval were exemplary.

The reduction in floor noise and clarity was obvious upon install but as you begin to listen to more tracks, you start to notice more of the instruments body, a much more open soundstage with more light being shined behind the corners of the Loudspeakers, nuances of texture and solidity of image focus, mimics the event of a live performance…

The Purons have been in my system for over 120 hours and all of the attributes listed above remains but now, my system is sounding more refined, better delineations, the strings of the guitar, whether played softly or forcefully, are presented with greater separation, clarity and with distinction; you can almost feel the emotions of the performer…There is a feeling of more space within the soundstage but it’s the layering within the soundstage that must be noted. Each instrument is clearly displayed within its own space and the listener can discern these differences effortlessly without the performer’s notes merging into one another. Sustainment and decay of notes have improved dramatically which lingers and fades into a black hole of silence and aids in the feeling of listening to a live performance.

My dealings with Mark at VERA-Fi Audio have been “Outstanding” and look forward to more products that comes down the audio pike. I can say without hesitation that I wholehearted Recommend that you try these Puron Plug-In AC Power Conditioners in your system; you won’t be disappointed 😁




Thanks for the nice informative write up. I have a lot of tweaks in my system and the only reason I hadn’t tried one was was concern that it might have a negative impact with them. Having said that ,the price is nice so I will give one a try.


Thank you for your thoughts here. You know how I feel, so I was really pleased to read your comments.

Puron plays well with Power Conditioners and other “Tweaks”. The reason without overstepping is this – Puron does NOT work on the same principles that other “plug ins” do. It’s different by design. This was a key element to why I was keen to represent this.

Puron is starting to make inroads in other Countries too. I wish I could share some of the feedback we have received. Recent include Ireland, Italy and Spain… but also Singapore has become the second biggest market for Puron in a short period of time.

Makes us happy.


Thanks again wig – nice way to start the weekend.

Best to all – Mark

Like many others, I too can attest to outstanding customer service Mark provides.  Best service EVER.  During my Puron "shopping" phase he promptly answered all my questions and at times seemed like my personal Puron concierge. The best part though, is this product really delivers.  I can attest to the blacker backgrounds, larger more involving soundstage, and to my ears-the best "texture" rendering of the instruments ever.  Almost palpable it seems.  The voices just float with ease, as well. As per Marks advice I have one plugged into the same outlet that supplies my PS 10 and another in the first position on the PS 10.  I have utilized many excellent tweeks over the years including PerfectPath technology gate and mats, Nano-flo, SR hfts to name a few.  I believe that the Puron is king.  Now, I haven't vivisected my system, systematically removing and adding said tweeks with detailed observations as to determine the synergism or lack thereof with the Puron. The Purons have simply made my system significantly better than before, and for that I am very grateful.


Appreciate your kind comments very much. I love that moniker – personal Puron concierge. I’ll happily take it 

Puron does provide great results in virtually every system. Do remember that knocking down potential DC on the AC Mains is a bit part of getting it right. We will have two new products for just this coming out shortly. 

Our best wishes and thanks again – Mark 

@verafiaudio does the Puron work on the same principle as the Furutech Clear Line optimizer? I sold my power conditioner recently. I just prefer how it all sounds plugged directly into wall but I’d be curious to try one of these plug in devices. 


You should just go ahead and try one. You can get your money back if not impressed.

My guess, you will be impressed.

BTW, the Furutech device did nothing in my system.



Appreciate your post.

Puron does not work like any other plug in AC Line Conditioner I am aware of. 

I hope you will try one - 30 day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee


Agreed 😊

Best wishes - Mark



Good to hear you are enjoying your Puron's as well! A great product at a great price and a great guy (Mark) at VERA-Fi Audio...

Wig 👍

+1 ozzy NCF Clearline made no audible improvement in my system; that said it didn't degrade it either. Puron and Shunyata Defender I found to provide SQ improvements

I have 10 Puron’s nay-nay..

3 are on each dedicated line and one is located in my computer room that feeds my Modem, Etherregen, linear power supply etc.


I have 10 Puron’s nay-nay..

3 are on each dedicated line and one is located in my computer room that feeds my Modem, Etherregen, linear power supply etc.



I need to find a few more unused outlets...😀



 At what point in your cumulative Puron experience do you feel you reached the inflection point per line?


🤣 5 , 10, can we hear 15?  
Great to hear the big boys really getting behind Puron.  I have 2 each on my HT system and 2 channel systems and love the sound and picture quality improvements. Not subtle at all.  And Mark is such a great guy to discuss and do business with.  He has helped guide me towards Puron, core ground zero, Lsa amps and a future purchase of the Swiss ground box once my new decware amp gets delivered.  Amazing products!

I added a DIY power outlet strip with a short power cord which plugs into the wall outlet where my system is plugged into.

Each Puron addition improved the sound quality.


My experience with the Puron conditioners to this point has taken a slightly different course.

The first unit I received convinced me also of the build quality and performance of this small but extremely effective device. Wonderful product.

After acquiring and installing a second Puron shockingly the sense of being in the performance recording space was reduced to an uninvolving mid-fi experience. Going into it I felt maybe there wouldn't be much, or any further improvement but not destructive.

I was convinced that the 2nd Puron I purchased was a lemon, but in a conversation with Mark, he felt that I might have DC on my line creating the issue. 

Mark told me that he is close to having available a DC blocker for me to test out very soon.

Being unsure of the issue at this point I'm wondering if I should simply exchange the suspect unit, or simply wait for the new DC blocker product to be ready for testing.

Have any of you multiple Puron owners here had a bad experience with a particular sample?




Your post is very important – and I really appreciate it

Happily extending your trial period is one important step as I feel quite certain that in your home environment DC is the culprit.

If I remember correctly, there were some unique challenges in your set up vis-à-vis wiring and location. I relayed the story of a very nice customer that had a New Englad Based Power Company cone out which ultimately measured 2 to 7 volts of DC on his line!!!

He is not alone. In my own home I had 2 volts happily riding on my AC Mains (UGH).

Puron is really great when used in multiples – but DC is a big issue to overall performance. More than 65% of our customers have multiples with great results.

Vera-Fi and xsa-labs will have two really effective DC Blockers here shortyly. We will have one multi-voltage unit with multiple duplexes at under $150 dollars and one Super DC Blocker which we call Snub Station Zero at well under $400 dollars. Both are really effective deterrents to DC happily riding on the Mains.

LP – happy to send you another Puron (we happen to have stock right now) FOR YOUR OWN TESTING in advance of the DC Blockers.

Here for you!

Best wishes – Mark  




Hi Mark...

Your recollection of my set up is very good. I would only say in contrast that the challenge is not with my wiring however, yes for locations I am limited with only 2 wall outlets with single slots available. That is if I do not plan on using the 2 available duplexes in my Uber buss or adding some kind of power strip to add additional plug locations.

Of course, I am anxious to figure out what the issue is so I can receive the additional benefits these products offer.

I really appreciate your efforts in working to resolve my enigma.







Mark will there be a Version of the Puron in Australian plugs?

I am using US plug 230V version. But in plugging into the wall i have to use a US to Aussie plug adapter. Problem with adapters is that the Polarity is incorrect( Pos becomes Neg).

I am getting good results but wonder if it would sound better if polarity is correct?



Thank you for your question

I do totally understand your question and possible problem

The Australian Plug Config is physically much larger than our NEMA or Schuko variety 

Our Distributor has asked about this also - I will discuss with the Factory and see what they think. 

Back to you as quick as I can. 


With sincere thanks - Mark 


Thanks and well understood. 

Next month a solution will be at hand. 

Best wishes - Mark 


One thing I forgot to note when I initially plugged in the Puron; while watching Paw Patrol with the kids, my plasma TV colors became more vivid and the sharpness of the picture was also better😊



I have an 85" Samsung, Oppo 205 etc. They are now older models. And, Yes, the Puron filters really helps improve the picture quality. I have 3 on that dedicated line.


I was never  interested adding anymore tweaks on my systems, especially after I read NASAMAN claiming the effect of Puron resembles the HFQ45ST enhancer solutions. But after reading Wig thread it did intrigue me because Wig is a legit poster here.So maybe 30 day trial would be a good option.

I agree, members whose opinions I trust have had very positive outcomes. I ordered two and they should arrive tomorrow, one can't complain about a 30-day money-back guarantee.

@ ozzy, @ jayctor, @ lak 

That means a lot coming from you guys as I have been following you all as well for a long time and have gained valuable insight over many years.

I'm definitely a curious type of guy especially when a product is economical and advertise to a positive effect; if it makes a notable improvement in my system, I'll share with my audio forum buddies and if not, I'll send products back without mentioning them. 

The Purons are definitely keepers 👍

@wig +1 and nicely said!  This is very helpful for one who is new to Audiogon and this hobby.  In 1 1/2 years I have learned so much from the Audiogon forum group of experts and recommendations like these Purons which are the real deal.  Thanks for productive threads like this one!


Thank you for your kind words!

When something comes along noteworthy, I try to inform fellow audiophiles on a product that may be worth their time, hoping that the thread would remain productive and informative based on experience.

Dialog has been outstanding!😊


@wig The Swiss Fusebox is up next on my list of tweaks. Sounds like that is another winner! Love Mark’s products and he’s such a gent to work with.👍👍


The Swiss Digital Fuse Box is also a phenomenal device and Mark is putting out great products and a very nice person!



Good Morning 

We are discussing this in depth. Polarity is important and generally Schuko is NOT a Polarized connection. 

In Argentina there does exist a "Polarized Schuko" connection,. But that's all we are aware of.

That said - we are working on Furutech Plug versions of our product. The first two of which landed here about a week ago. 

I plan a further report once I have tested 

Many Thanks - Mark 

@wig @ozzy 

As always - thanks so much for your support gentlemen


Here if you need any questions answered


Thanks as well sir - appreciate your comments

Best - Mark

Kind Of A Big Deal Post

I've learned (again) that there are many people out there that do NOT wish to post their "reviews" of our products on Social Media. I understand this.

I'm always receiving "reviews" from these users, and I've asked our web folks to create a Testimonial Section on our web site

This is now up and running and I pasted in a really great review from John Z from Reading MA on FUSE BOX as the trial run. It's up there today near the very bottom of the Home Page. 

I will ask anyone that cares to participate to simply e-mail me your comments or "reviews".. I will post them up with a simple XX from XX heading 

Many thanks - Mark 

Puron Filter is up next for me.

Currently using SDFB. It has taken my system up several levels. 

Thank you to all members who try these products and post their results. 

I have not read a single negative comment about the performance of PURONs.  The only "questions" for me have been "where are the best placements for me" and "how many PURONS will it take" to yield the most beneficial effects, within a specific system...

A few things to add


First - thanks to all of you that visited our verafiaudio site to check out the Testimonial Section - I really appreciate it - the numbers are just amazing. Thank YOU! I will add more Testimonials over the weekend. 

Second - just got asked a question I should have covered a LONG time ago.

We contract with Sendle to deliver our US Based orders via USPS. Sendle offers us a significant discount (over USPS web based prices) - so we use them. I love their web interface to ship

We do use UPS for ALL Canadian and International Shipments. Still the fastest/value for money I’ve been able to find


More to follow - thanks... Mark

I ordered two Puron plug-in AC conditioners online and received them within a few days (7/28/23) they were neatly and carefully packaged for shipment.

I plugged one Puron into an AC outlet located twelve inches from my circuit breaker box and the other Puron into an open outlet on my Niagara 1200. By the way, all my AC power lines used for my systems are dedicated with 20-amp breakers and 10-gauge wire.

If I had not heard the improvement for myself, I would not have believed it. This is why I had ignored information in the past regarding Puron, but when audiophile friends whose ears I trust begin to state positive results, I have to listen carefully to them, and I’m happy I did.

I’m not going to repeat the positive comments that wig (the OP) made but I whole heartily agree 100%.


If possible, plug the 2nd Puron into the same outlet that your Niagara 1200 is plugged into not directly into the Niagara. For some reason, I think, the AudioQuest conditioners tamp down the Puron's usefulness (a little).


Hi All,

I already use Furutech’s NCF Clear Line and Sunyata’s Venom Defenders. Can Puron be combined with those? Has anybody tried that?


@gubaface - I use a Puron with a Venom Defender in my main system. I found the better SQ with the Puron in the wall outlet and the Defender in my power conditioner , versus the reverse configuration. I just received a second Puron and need to experiment with placement. I hesitate taking the Defender out as I like both its noise reduction and surge protection; the latter being key for me as we get a lot of lightning hits and power surging during storms.

I didn’t try the Puron with the NCF I have as I found the NCF to be "neutral" (no SQ benefit or degradation) in my system. I recently decided to place the NCF in the outlet with my TV; giving it some time to see if there is any benefits in that application for me.

I agree with facten on the Furutech NCF units, they didn’t seem to do much of anything with my equipment.

I have a whole house surge suppressor along with several AudioQuest Niagara power conditioning units on each dedicated line that I hope will prevent lighting hits. I do however (if I'm home) and the strikes are close turn off the breakers and unplug.

I do have a Telos Mini Quantum Resonator added with my Puron’s to great results.


@ozzy  - I have whole home surge suppressor at the panel as well. Lightning strikes were close enough to take it out twice; thankfully it did it's job both times. 


Perhaps I’m getting off the subject but about 6 months ago we had a surge spike during a storm. The power began going on and off.

All of the components connected with the Niagara power conditioners were ok. However, 2 of my rear subs that were just plugged into the same dedicated as the front subs but were not protected by the Niagara went out.

They made a buzzing noise and the innards had to be sent to JL Audio for repairs. I ended up buying another Niagara 1200 for those rear subs!

Only as good as the weakest link?


ozzy - Yes.  My electrician told me when I had the whole house suppressor installed to still make sure everything was connected to suppression inside. Glad he did or my systems likely would have been damaged.

Apologies wig for the brief sidetrack

Depending on where you live, good suppression is a must and provides a peace of mind; once we have peace, the tweaking can begin 😁