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Wall outlets
@vair68robert one more time "electricity has no sound" it may transfer noise.    
Wall outlets
Keep telling yourself that 😂 @coralkong  my system is as or more revealing than yours. Have 5 dedicated lines, and all those outlets are still in place. The .99 cent outlet is what I plug my laptop into.  So when you go to a audio show they repla... 
So you just took a gummie...What song is on the menu?
Yes, Yessongs. Depending on how good the gummy is? If its good then I am streaming this album.  Some around here could use a gummy, might loosen them up.   
Wall outlets
@vair68robert electricity has no sound. Outlets only conduct and distribute power no filtering. It is a simple circuit.   
Cable elevators
  Maybe a survey of the group might be helpful: - have you listened to cable risers?  Yes - what was your impression?  waste of time and resources.  - if you own them, are you on the first generation. Or, have you "upgraded" to more expensive ... 
Wall outlets
For what it's worth.  
Wall outlets
@ghdprentice when I installed my 5 lines in my listening space I did an experiment. Installed a Leviton 8300-R 20 Amp, Hospital Grade. Installed a standard HD .99 cent outlet, installed Monosaudio 20 Amp Audio outlet, installed Cardas 4181 and a A... 
Wall outlets
@ghdprentice Electricity has no sound. Waste your money how you like. As PT Barnum said..      You are saying that hospital grade sounds worse than 89 cent (or whatever it is now) Home Depot cheap duplex receptacle?  
Wall outlets
Hospital grade is the worst, simply means that the outlet is resistant to moisture and chemicals used for disinfecting and cleaning hospital floors and walls. Most have anti corrosive coatings that are not great conductors.  
Balanced/Differential tube preamplifier recommendation?
So have you listened to the Freya +? Or your basing that on?  My son loves my old Freya + with his AGD Tempo Di GaN. Loves the flexibility and that it was inexpensive, he got a smoking deal on the AGD also.  Good luck in your search.   I am loo... 
Fun With Cable Risers
Total rubbish lifters do nothing. @mhutama is 100% right. pure Snake Spit lifters are.   
What are the best GaN Amplifiers available today?
It is the only Digital IA on the market, Class D is not Digital and neither is GaN. 🙄  
dacs that I have had in my system - a listing
@ossicle2brain  Your friend is right. 🤙  
Why is Audiogon insisting on a verified physical address in order to post?
Puron Plug-In AC Power Conditioner; Impressions 😁
They work period, have 5 in my system.