Preamps with Dual Main Out?

I am setting up a twin pair of Eminent Technology LFT-8a's (that's four speakers) as my main two channel speaker system.
I would like to run both of these pairs of speakers in passive biamped configuration, which necessitates my splitting the signal from the cd and either obtaining a second Audio Research LS-9 preamp to match mine, or a different (and hopefully comparable sonically) preamp with dual sets of main outputs rca.
I had a Meridian 501 at one time which did have the twin outputs, but frankly I will not step back down to that level again to obtain my objective (I feel that the AR is superior).
Any AR-like quality preamps with dual single ended outs? My budget is approx. $1,000 and I prefer to purchase used/audiogon.
Appreciate the suggestions.
hi doug,im not sure how you feel about mcintosh gear but mac preamps come standard with 3 main inputs for amps,main & speaker # 1 & speaker # 2,speaker # 1 & # 2 are able to be switched on & off while main remains on constantly.

there are about 10 different mac pre's that are within your budjet.

audible illusions modulus 3a, convergent audio technology sl1, audio note m1 (and probably the rest of them)...
The Audio Research and Classe outputs are not independently switched if that matters to you. In your case, I guess it wouldn't.
ARC LS2BMKII has dual balanced main out, one single ended main out and one tape loop single ended out. I have one in your price range if interested. See
Why not simply use a Y-splitter from the output of the preamp to create the four outputs for the amplifiers? As long as the preamplifier can drive the load (the input impedance of the amplifiers will drop by half) it should present no problem. Give it a try before throwing in the towel on your current preamp. Most preamplifiers with multiple sets of outputs simply use a parallel circuit (electically equivalent to the Y-splitter) and provide no additional buffering circuitry anyway. Good luck!
Fantastic Help! How about a bit more insight as to picking a potential replacement pre?
(by the way, Rkeman, I'm already doing what you suggested! It's a great idea, which I'm using, but when I add my NEXT additional pair of LFT-8a speakers, I would ideally like to biamp them as well, which will require another whole set of four leads from preamp and four more amps...That's why I've got to expand my preamp outs somehow.)

Ok, great selections on pre's with dual main outs. Which of these pre's will sound the most like the Audio Research? I'd rather stick with solid state. And, I must have a remote.

Of these selections in above postings, which would be the killer replacement preamp?
I know this is way over your stated budget, but if you want a very transparent, active, solid state linestage capable of driving dual outputs, consider the Placette active preamp.
Hi, I have had questions regarding multiple preamp outputs. I currently need 4 outputs to drive 4 channels of amps into my Cello Grand Master. I have been using Y-interconnect splitters. It didn't seem to work well because I guess the output has insufficient current to drive 4 amps properly. I am seeking a buffer stage that have a balanced input and 4 balanced outputs to accomodate my need. Any suggestion please?
Klyne preamps are solid state units. Older models like mine don't have remotes. I don't know about newer models--Nrchy has one so he would know-- but sadly, your budget is too low for them anyway. There are other good choices, though. Happy hunting !
Well, I found out that Rogue Audio has a 66 Magnum model, which has a selectable tape/2nd main output. Trip a switch inside the unit and wala, it becomes dual main out. I bought one used; decent enough price, but sure hope it sounds ok.