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Dolby Atmos
Yes, you do need a BluRay player for a BluRay disc. Generally, these have only HDMI output, so you will need a modern AVR or prepro and, if you want the Atmos tracks, it will have to be capable of decoding Atmos. OTOH, there may be other audio for... 
Small footprint subwoofer
KEF KC92  
False advertising
There are DACs that can do 512 but, you are right, there are often caveats. Clearly, you cannot load a Win/ASIO driver into the Auralic but Mac docs say "supports DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256" without any qualification. Sad. However, if you are using... 
question about Balanced signals.
Hmmm.  I've not come across that before.  
question about Balanced signals.
my question is regarding sources? what if they only have SE output to the preamp SE inputs?  will I at least get some benefit of balanced signal from the preamp?  Sure.  They will be carried balanced from preamp to power amp.  
AES to s/pdif converter
I have several <$100 AES-to-S/PDIF converters and all work fine but, so far, only up to 24/96.    
DSD coming to Qobuz streaming?
That's nice but I'd rather they offered multichannel.  
Attention: Debussy-loving audiophiles
Frankly , sound quality depends more on the acoustics of the recording site and the talents of the recording/mixing engineers than any of that stuff.  There are outstanding recordings at 16/44.1 and grim ones at 24/192.  That said, higher resoluti... 
Attention: Debussy-loving audiophiles
In a brief sampling, I found it unremarkable.  Not bad but not notable. I will have time later to listen more extensively.  
Attention: Debussy-loving audiophiles
USB DAC cable over 15ft - Solutions?
I see used Corning cables available as well as new USB-C versions..  
USB DAC cable over 15ft - Solutions?
Corning Optical USB.  I use a 10m version, the shortest one. 😊  
Your Most Prominent Audio Component
8th-note wrote: The neuron issue relates to an interesting idea about analog vs. digital. Most audiophiles (I think) believe that our brains and nervous systems work on an analog model. Our nervous system, however, much more closely resembles a d... 
Your Most Prominent Audio Component
If neurology can be likened to capacitors and resistors then technically we are the most important component, and the variations from one human to the next vastly exceed the variations in components. That’s a non sequitur. The standard model of... 
Help me identify speakers - AR90s? Value and replacement cost?
And I've never seen any in White.  From the spatter spray on the back panel, I suspect that the white "finish" is a DIY job.