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Preamp design approach - Power Supply location
dedicated external power supply is optimal all things being equal 
Best Sounding Tube Integrated Amp
second the audiomat for a low cost but very good solution..if you can find a solfege I'd go for that one 
Best phono preamp? Want world class the best
The EAR is a decent unit and should not be hard to improve upon. At the highest levels of performance perhaps one would consider custom solutions tailored to your equipment and listening tastes. 
Speaker Sugestions Wanted $1500 max
used living voice auditorium...you'll have plenty of power 
Bang For Your Buck Best Value CD Transport
sony dvp-s7000 and dvp-s7700excellent transports and can be had cheapcal audio delta is a great unit for about 250/300 but you have to treat is as a consumable since the transport is proprietary and cal audio is long gone 
Cain & cain abbey vs Zu Druid
I am interested in the monitor model and the Druids and am wondering how they might sound with the crossovers removed and either much better external passive crossovers built or active crossover with biamping.Has anyone auditioned the moniter? Not... 
Single Driver Horn vs Multi driver efficient spker
Anybody actually auditioned the Zu speakers? I am primarily speaking of the Druid and the moniter. 
Upgrading Preamp - How About Some Suggestions
vtl 5.5 
SET for Orchestral , Big Band etc.
A quality SET does not sound mushy or bloated; it simply has a bit less "slam" than a comparable push/pull design. The SET has a bit better/lusher midrange than a push/pull.If I wanted a quality tube amp making at least 20 watts with good dynamics... 
Johnny Cash cd's
Vinyl versions of the American Recordings are out there new; they sound great. 
amp rec for spendors
Goheel: a friend is using a 47Lab 50wpc Gaincard to power his Spendor 7/1 and he is quite pleased although he misses his tubes but does not want to spend the money on a tube amp powerful enough to power these puppies AND give a quality of tubed so... 
Ever use "switched" outlets on preamp?
don't have any now but when I do have them I use them only if required..ie, I run out of outlets on the good power strip... 
Extension cords
Signal Cable will make you an extension cord or a long standard power cord. I purchased a 3m standard cable which powered a ps audio passive filter (what is the name of the damn thing?) for something like 70 bucks; still have it and no longer use ... 
6 ohm speaker WHAT TAP
Try both and use the set that sounds best. 
Help: Cartridge identification with a gold “M”
microscope is best way to examine needle; buy a cheap one