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Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
The spirit of the OP, back in 2005, was, I believe, to see what digital sources a vinyl lover could enjoy. Computer/hard drive sources were not viable at the time. I think the question is current still today, but only if it includes them. 
Mac Mini Power Supply
@ 4hannons, sorry for slow response. The Acopian model I happened across on eBay was A18H1400. That's a Gold Box Type A linear regulated supply rated at 14 amps output.14 amps of current is somewhat more than the stock Mini power supply's output, ... 
Mac Mini Power Supply
I wasn't able to find a cheap power brick for my Mini, so I bought the MP3car cable. It works fine.There is more than one wiring diagram around for the connector. The right configuration has the iSense cable running to ground through a 3.3K resist... 
Review: Air Tight MSM-1 Bonsai Monitor
Thanks to the kind folks who responded above while I was absent from Audiogon. Gjuro76, I did indeed try a Velodyne MicroVee with my Bonsais. It was not a bad match for speed but I had to abandon the experiment before I could get things just right... 
I always do something stupid...
Message to you kind folks who wished my mistreated amplifier well at the shop: fergawdsake, it was the *selector switch*. Amp survived the incident fine in every other way.I have no idea why the selector went west. It was on the other side from th... 
Review: Air Tight MSM-1 Bonsai Monitor
Thanks for the kind words for the review. I should have a Velodyne MicroVee to try out with the Bonsais in a little while. Heck, I guess I just like small boxes :) 
The Well Tempered Record Player and Denon DL103
Adry, FWIW -- two years later and with a different WT turntable! -- I used your cartridge upgrade strategy to great effect with my WT Amadeus GTA. The arm coped very well with both a DL-103R and the Lyra Delos which has replaced it. 
Custom Power Supply for 6v DC Motor
Hi Hicham. Whether the effort is worth it or not depends on how happy you are with what you had before. I hope you'll have a chance to post your results.My own experience with aftermarket regulated supplies is limited to my Apogee Mini-DAC. I had ... 
Custom Power Supply for 6v DC Motor
Hicham, I'm not sure I understand your question. May I suggest you click on my link to Acopian and look around? You can enter an output voltage in the search field on the home page and find all the supplies they can make with that characteristic.I... 
Warm Rich Lush Speakers...Recommendations?
Harbeths and Meadowlarks both sound warm to me. Only a short listen to the Joseph Audio Pulsar, but that's another possibility. 
My Final Amplifier Purchase - What Would You Buy?
I will be in a position like yours soon, so I thank you for the inspiration. I haven't heard all the amps others have mentioned but I have heard some and I can't think of any that would IMHO beat a SimAudio Moon W-5LE. It would be hard to find but... 
Speaker rec for difficult placement $1,000
A used pair of Meadowlarks. 
Solid State Phono Pre-amp Recommendations
No budget limit? The Audiomat Phono2. Glorious music. For less money, the Audiomat Phono 1.6 is pretty nice.Phono2 at Mutine 
Best amp for Meadowlark Blue Herons?
Pehare, that's fascinating info. Thanks! 
Best amp for Meadowlark Blue Herons?
I've used Shanling SP-80 monoblocks. Currently I have Audio Space Nova M monoblocks with EL-34s. These are rated at 60 watts. The BAT tube amps are also very good.I'm afraid I don't know the Modwright. I have heard the Herons with SimAudio transis...