Power Conditioner for Amp

Can you guys recommend a power conditioner that can handle a high powered Amp?

I currently have an Isotek Aquarius, but I feel my Amp (Ayre AX-5 Twenty) sounds better when connected to wall.

As my DAC and preamp benefit quite a bit from the Aquarius, I am thinking its because of the power on Amp.
I have an Equi-Tech Son of Q.   It’s a monster , weighs about 65 lbs.  Most of that weight is the massive toroidal in there.  

I have had it 10 years and it’s been on the whole time without a fault.  

My previous place had power issues with noise and it made a big improvement 

i just set my system up after a little hiatus and my new place has modern power and my system is dead silent.  Running two Quicksilver Mid Monos , a c-j pre and several sources into it.  Great product.   
Give the new Titan one a try from Isotek, its cheaper than the full titan is expressly designed to reduce noise.  If it doesnt work, then you might think of upgrading your Amplifier
Over the years, found power distributors work best with amps.  Not current limiting and remove noise passively.   Never prefer any components straight into wall outlet.

Happy Listening and Keep Me Posted!
I am also impressed with Audience. It removed noise I didn't know was there until it was gone. Have a couple small ss mono blocks (approx. 18 watts each) plugged into it & have not heard any downside with that as compared to straight from the wall. As previously stated, a quality wall outlet (I use SR) helps improve sound quality by a fair margin as well. 
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I use an Audience aR6 TSSD with my Ayre VX5-20.  This conditioner has no issues in current limitation.  My entire system sounds better IMO when all connected to the aR6 and each plug is isolated from the other 5.  Quality power cords are also in use.  

Consult Ayre prior to any power conditioner. Their power amp(s) may not benefit from plugging into one. 99% will sound best by plugging into a wall outlet.  Happy Listening!
The Ayre Conditioner RFI filter?
Bit of a terrible pun there!
Ayre Conditioning.... Lmao

I know, I know @stringreen But my Ayre QX-5 DAC benefits from The Aquarius, so....

‘’It’s the Amp (VX-5) that does not
Yeah, Gryphon amps incorporate some elaborate things in their design. So they should, certainly for the price.
But wall current has been getting from bad to worse and going downward. Amp designers have to pay more attention to this. If they do, that's good, but the prices will go up. 
I don't know if you know that all Ayre stuff already has conditioning as part of the circuit...they call it Ayre Conditioning....  no lie...

Agreed on that equicore 1800 could be done better internally but for the price is a great performer at under 2k new although have never seen a used one for sale as of yet.

Mine will never be going anywhere
@thyname Equitech is expensive, I believe a price sheet is within the website I posted above. Of course, prices may vary with each dealer you shop with, they occasionally come up used if you search for them.
I own one CPT 1800 and one Equi=Tech 2Q.
The Equi=Tech 2Q is massive, built correctly and built like a tank compared to the CPT 1800, which is pretty good especially for its price, however, the inside of the CPT 1800 could use rewiring it isn't of the same quality as the Equitech.
I can highly recommend an Equicore 1800 but..... You are only going to find used examples IF anybody will part with them.
I have everything plugged into mine including my Ayre amp and it is a big improvement on just the wall supply.
If your thinking PSaudio, I would look at their Newer models P20 or P15 but not the P10 i have had several amps shut it down.
Often an amp sounds better from the wall outlet vs a power conditioner. In my opinion, you have to try it in each different scenario and judge for yourself. With that said you might want to consider a Balanced power conditioner such as an Equi=Tech. https://www.equitech.com

I will exaggerate a little to make a point. If you think you need power conditioning for power amps you are wrong - you need different amps with much better power supply.
Now, in some areas the wall current is so bad that even best power supplies can’t take it all. Then you might try something. This is not really my opinion, that’s what Flemming Rasmussen of Gryphon and Vladimir Shushirin of Lamm said.
But first - better power cords, they are in fact extension of power supplies.
I have all Ayre equipment and using a power conditioner makes every component less good.  I have had success with a whole house power conditioner that was wired in my main box by an electrician....otherwise use good outlets, and power cords.
Bryston and Torus also make power conditioners beefy enough to drive an amplifier.