Possible issues with Marantz CD player

I have a Marantz CD player,  CD 6004.  Lately, I  hear  a loud  burst of  static when playing CDs. It is random, and intermittent rather than a constant buzz.  Quite pronounced. Not a hum or buzz from light dimmers or TV or the like. 
Sounds more like a skip in the CD,or like the sound a tuner would make if you were changing stations and lost the signal.  A loud squawk.  

I have tried, but so far cannot replicate it with vinyl.

It has occurred with three different CD, usually on the first song. Then it will usually play the rest without incident.

Possibly some problem with the laser?

We have two large, active German Shepherds, so I thought we might have had a tail-strike to one of the speakers.  I took the dust cover off the speaker, examined the woofer visually for tears or deterioration.
These are Klipsch Heresy IIs, so the tweeter and mid range are pretty well protected.  It looked OK, and if it were the the speaker, I'd expect to be able to replicate the issue with vinyl. 

I also checked the speaker connections, at the speaker, and at the amp. Seemed solid. 

CD player is maybe 5 years old or so, pretty much bulletproof until this, assuming it  actually is  a problem the CD player. 

Anyone had a similar issue with CD players?  Or picking up random noise in the system somewhere else?

Sounds like the drive mechanism is going bad if it happens to all your discs and at random times.

I've only had one bad disc in the 30+ years I've been buying them and it had the problem you just described, except it would always fail on one particular track after a burst of static. On another player, the same disc / track would end early every time.
It happens with multiple discs.  
Worse on some than others, but I've not been able to play a CD without the intermittent and loud static for the last week or so.

 I can't replicate it with vinyl. Not difficult at all to replicate with CD.  Just insert t another one, and press play.  Within 5-10 minutes of listening or less, you hear it.  Then it goes away, usually recurs at random. 

I suppose it could be in the CD section of the amp,  which is old but has given very good service over the years. I could drag the Marantz up to work, swap it out with my Sony and see if the problem occurs at work, goes away at home. 

Sad part is, the Marantz otherwise punches past its weight, sounds pretty  darn good.  Since 1988,  I've had Denon, Luxman, Sony (non-ES) and this one. Until it started (presumably) acting up, it was as good as any I've owned, better than most. 

welcome to the wide world of failing marantz cd players... many owners of bricks out there, me included... the sh*t breaks, then no replacement lasers etc etc... 
I doubt it's the amp since the turntable sounds ok but swapping it out is a good idea to narrow down where the problem truly lies.

it certainly sounds like (no pun) the laser/optical block. Is the CD 6004 made in Japan? If so, seek out an authorized Marantz repair center.
If the player was made in china, look for a better spinner(made in Japan).

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top end marantz 8005 and ki ruby’s sacd players have failing lasers... to add insult to injury marantz does not stock laser replacements - their service centers say sorry you are s-o-l there are no parts -- this is one prominent case of japan made being piss poor, leaves customers hanging big time

the better japanese spinners are from sony and teac/esoteric... 

Insult to injury indeed. I am quite surprised that the Ruby has a failing laser? Recently, I took stock of a SA-11S2 player. Prior to purchase, I researched the SA-11S1, S2, S3. Only the S2 and S3 has available laser/optical blocks via Encompass (parts house in Atlanta GA).
Marantz has a few authorized repair centers here in the U.S.
Of course, parts are available for the Reference SA-10 player.

Agreed-Esoteric, Pioneer and Sony are very good spinners. 
When considering a purchase, research the specific model for available critical parts.

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I won’t buy any Marantz products after a couple of dud s and customer service that borders on contempt for consumers.
Check all your cable connections.  Disconnect, clean and replace.  You may have an oxidized connection that is causing intermittent issues.  It may well be the laser or something else, but try the simplest fix first. 
Also, try plugging into another input on your amp as well.  Good luck. 
Thanks all, for input.

Good to know on Marantz going forward. My non-ES Sony has been  most reliable. Also has SACD capability, though I only have a handful of those. 

An update:  Last night,  I ran a CD lens cleaner disc, played a few songs  off a CD that I had played the night before. Heard only music this time. Not the greatest test, because we shut it off early to watch TV.  We'll see how it does this weekend. Also, played both sides of another record album, hearing no static/squawking whatsoever. Further convinces me it's not the speakers.

I'd be loathe to be without a CD player.  But with the exception of lately, trying to get this figured out, I probably play 3-4 records for every CD. 

Long term, probably looking to replace. Besides Sony, any thoughts on Rega? Or Yamaha?  (Understand some don't like Yamaha house sound.  I must be OK with it, having had Yamaha integrated for 30 + years). Honestly, I really liked the Marantz sound until gremlins showed up. 
Honest answer, a little less than last month:) 
We are trying to close on a house with some land, so holding other expenses in check .

Given I play much more vinyl than CD,  when I am in the market,  prefer to top out around $1500 for a front load, single play machine, with onboard DAC.

If it played SACDs as well,  might pay a bit more. Ditto a five year warranty.

An update:  after running the lens cleaner a second time, it has been on good behavior.  Knock on wood. 

I have an sa-7s1 that does the same thing occasionally. Sounds like a short burst of static or a short. Only seems to happen on silver faced discs. I’ve never had it happen on any of my gold dics. I did all the regular checking and changing out pieces including my back up spinner and it only happens on the 7. I’m hesitant to try the cleaning disc because Marantz says they do not recommend them. It’s probably the laser failing but for now I’ll just stick to my gold discs.
That is exactly the sound I experience.  Random bursts.
Almost all my discs are silver faced. I'd have to try a gold one and see if it made a difference.

I was unaware Marantz discouraged the cleaner.  Come to think of it, I did not experience the problem until after I ran the cleaner through it.  Good reason not to try fixing what isn't broken, perhaps.

But . . . after the problem surfaced, the cleaner seems to provide at least a temporary fix. I run the cleaner, the problem goes away for a while. 

Worse comes to worse, I can move my Sony from work, back to the home system until I replace the Marantz.

Disappointing about Marantz, because the sound quality is pretty darn good to my ears, and especially so for what I paid for it. . 

If your gold discs are playing fine, I probably would not run a cleaner through it. Might be something wonky about their lasers or even the way they mount them that the cleaner brushes aggravate. 
If they started acting up too, then the cleaner seems to give a temporary respite, for me at least. 
Big Marantz Fan here.  Marantz gear currently in service and year purchased.  No problems at all, so far.

PM7200   2005
SA8001   2006
CD5004   2011
CD6005   2014
CD6007   2021

Any component can fail, and judging from what I read on this forum, the more expensive, the greater the failure rate.  Marantz is good stuff.


Thank You for the update. A Gold CD allows easier tracking per the player's Laser/Optical block.

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Can anyone recommend a good repair facility for laser replacement/calibration for Marantz in the USA? I contacted a couple of Marantz authorized service providers but they all said that parts are no longer available for the SA-7s1. They also said that the entire transport is normally replaced. I also contacted a Canadian based repair company that I found on ebay. They advertise repairs for high end spinners and also sell laser units. I got a quote for laser replacement and calibration and it was within reason. I'm a little apprehensive about sending my unit to someone that far away. Any help would be very much appreciated.

I have both the sa8005 sacd player, and the awesome little hd-cd1, neither of which have given me one ounce of trouble. Both are made in Japan. The hd-cd1 is used as a transport. Once had a cd5005, that one was made In China, however I went through 2 units, both defective. It failed to read certain cd's that played fine in other machines.

marantz makes good stuff generally but they are absolutely famous/infamous for leaving customers of expensive cdp's hanging when lasers wear out... and their service center strategy even in a large mature market like the usa is sorely lacking...



an update- did you have your Marantz player fixed/serviced ?


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i recently found a replacement laser, have it in hand, but have yet to send the player out to be replaced... i do have my sony/modwright unit that is working, sohaven’t gotten around to sending it out -- plus i am streaming 98% of the time these days

i do appreciate your follow up!


Excellent! I knew that you would find a replacement Laser assembly.


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I guess I've been lucky to not have an Marantz issues. They sure do sound good.



Where did you purchase a replacement Laser ?


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Did you replace the Laser (traverse) in your Marantz player? Update me.


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