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Is there anything other than a Benchmark DAC?
A tube DAC with distortion as low as a Benchmark? That's going to be quite rare if not impossible. I've owned a DAC3 B and a DAC3 HGC for about two years now. Extremely good DACs and hard to beat. Paired with an HPA4 / AHB2 / Revel Ultima Studios... 
resonance at 500 Hz using headphones - maybe need a different DAC?
There is a resonance starting right around 500 Hz on the LCD-2's - see https://www.stereophile.com/content/spectacularly-yummy-audeze-lcd-2-and-lcd-3-measurements   Could be a bad solder joint that's causing some distortion and making the proble... 
Do I have to get a CD player to sample DSD on my digital rig?
Just a note - you can use the Oppo BDP-105 (as well as other Blu-ray disc players) to rip SACDs if you want to archive them. I’ve done this myself with all my discs. There are details here - https://hifihaven.org/index.php?threads/rip-sacd-with-a... 
Streamer with PLEX-like UI and companion app? Or sending PLEX stream through DAC?
Streamer with PLEX-like UI and companion app? Or sending PLEX stream through DAC?
Is the NAS close to the stereo? If so, try connecting a USB DAC to the NAS and using that as audio output.   Alternatively, if the TV has optical digital output, that can be connected to a DAC if the NAS is inconveniently located.  
Breaking (burning) in new DAC
What @jimmy2615 said.   Personally, I would just listen to the DAC right out of the box and let the 'burn-in' happen naturally.  
Music streamer capable 24/96 PCM output on DSD files
What DAC are you using?  
Berkeley Audio Design and MQA?
@erik_squires  We already have technology that can do this and you don't need to pay a third part to use it - cryptographic hashes.  
help! no sound
Sounds like the amp needs to be repaired.  
Berkeley Audio Design and MQA?
To sell DACs.  
About ready to give up on Roon and my streamer
Maybe the expansion slot you're using for I2S / USB is defective since you're getting the same result as before. Try SPDIF between the Pulse Mini and the DAC and see if you hear the same thing.  
Streaming upgrade from Cambridge Audio cxn v2
if the dac has a reasonable sized buffer, shouldn’t it make up for the weakness in the streamer? You’re on the right track - these days most digital inputs are buffered so the digital interface and streamer have less and less of an impact on so... 
Best Audiophile desktop for under $2500?
@deanshias  A workstation is definitely overkill for audio applications. If you're only using the PC for audio purposes and not 3D CAD / rendering then save yourself some bucks and get something like a Beelink EQ12 - link.   You can pop the top... 
What is going on here? Streamer or DAC?
Sounds like a good plan.  
What is going on here? Streamer or DAC?
It could also be some other streamer component going bad like a RAM module, the storage for the OS, or the CPU itself.   It can be hard to narrow down the culprit unless you can log into the operating system remotely, e.g. using something like s...