Please recommend a powerful tube amplifier


I have Audio Research 250SE (~200 watts) monoblocks and my new speakers are Wilson Audio Sasha DAWs. I like the "ARC tube amplifiers to Wilson Sasha speakers" sound and the power is important. Please help me - what about Doshi Audio monoblocks, other Audio Research tube amplifiers, VAC, VTL, Balanced Audio Technology, Jadis, McIntosh, etcetera? All relevant recommendations are most welcome.
  • I am not interested in solid state power amplifiers;
  • I am interested in monoblocks;
  • I would like a minimum of >140 watts per monoblock (or channel for single chasis) to drive the Wilson Sasha DAW speakers.
Thank you in advance!
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I have no problem with Audio Research products but I have been very happy with the Conrad Johnson equipment I have. I’ve heard other amps but so far nothing has made me say, "It’s time to change..." If your system was my system, I would stay with the Audio Research products.   
Why get rid of the ARC 250SE amps? Any change is a sideways move at best! They certainly have enough volts and current to drive the Wilson's very well! I think you have become neurotically obsessed with the idea of a "different" sound! Stick with what you have! 
If you really need to scratch that itch there is a Convergent Audio Technology C.A.T. JL-2 for sale here on Agon. $11950. Single-chassis with 8 KT120's per side for 200 wpc! Designed by Ken Stevens. I'd take it any day over any ARC or other five-figure tube amp!
You say you like ARC and Wilson.  What is the issue?  There are a bunch of products on the market that are wonderful.  Do you want a warmer sound?  Better bass control?  What is the issue that is creating the desire to move away from ARC?  
Clearly you wouldn’t be looking around if you were in love with the sound. What is it that’s missing? My desire to look around disappears when I am happy with my system. You have a world class high powered amp known for detail, nuance, and raw power. What is missing? 
ARC REF160Ms or REF160S would fit the bill, but not sure how much of a step up they would be.

Also, I suspect many manufacturers will be upgrading or releasing new amps due to the availability of the new KT170 tubes (assuming they are available, lol) 
The Audio Hungary Qualiton X200 is 100wpc. This is a measly 1dB or so below your arbitrary 140W minimum. In other words you will never hear the difference. Not in power, anyway. In a lot of other ways, sure. Because if the first watt isn't any good, why would you want 139 more of them? 

This integrated amp can be run integrated, or used as a power amp, or even used as a preamp. Lotta flexibility.
The Black Hole by NYAL out of New York in the 80s, they bring it out on a flat bed trailer and wire it directly into the grid. Enjoy the music
I also recommend the Carver M350’s. With 6 KT 120's they generate 350 watts per channel.