No mention of Audio Research in Absolute Sound

I'm haven't seen any significant mention o Audio Research products or reviews in the Absolute Sound in the last year or more. Not a single amp mentioned in the their best of 2015 components and AR was always mentioned in the past, nor mention of their newest products or upgrades.

Whats going on?
In 2016 Buyers Guide, 2 ARC preamps, 2 ARC Phono Stages...I'm sure some of their amps will be listed soon...
it's direct function of investment. Audio Research does not want to waste funds anymore.
You never see a lot of McIntosh reviews either, does that make them less desirable? Fine Sounds Inc owns both companys and Sonus Faber. You still see plenty of AD's.
If you don't know I'll tell you...Its not about good sound its about money......The same is true about medicine, money and then good medicine....autospec
Give me something to review and let me keep it for half or less of it's retail and I will write a glaring review.
There was a time when ARC's SP-3 and Dual 75s were clearly the best there was. 
Audio Research Tube equipment was Harry's favorite on and off for the past 30 years, once he left the magazine the trend changed to Solid State equipment that was unaffordable (Solution) and even more unaffordable Magico Speakers.  Oh well !!!
I've been a subscriber to TAS since issue 1.  They have changed over the years, and not for the better IMHO, but I still subscribe anyway. 

ARC has made some very nice equipment over the years however,  I feel greed has taken over as usual. Kind of like a website we are very familiar with hehe :)