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Solid State Power Amps
I would add D'Agostino to your list.  Friend of mine has Focal Grand Utopia driven by Dag and sounds wonderful.    
Audio Research versus McIntosh tube amps: anyone experience or compare both?
@ghdprentice  hit the nail on the head. Currently I'm using a REF75SE and absolutely love it. ARC just gets everything right top to bottom. Preamp is Ref6.    
Audio Research Pre-Amp advice
I had a LS28 for about a year. Fantastic preamp. Upgraded to a Ref6.  Substantial improvement.  At your budget I would go for the LS28SE or Ref5SE.  The Refs are just better and for a reason.    
Should we care if a piece of equipment comes from a pet-free, kid-free, smoke-free home?
Dr. owned is even better 🤣  
Comparing Chord Qutest Dac with the Built in Dac in Lumin T3 Streamer
Of course Audiotroy sells both 🙄 😂.   
Qualities Of An End-game System
End game is when you no longer feel the need to upgrade.    
Lumin U1/U2 versus T3
Thank you Christian. Very good to know.    
Lumin U1/U2 versus T3
Have a U1 on the way.  Couldn't pass up the opportunity at the price they were asking so pulled the trigger.  Looks like USB more than likely will be in the future.  Thanks for the information Audphile1  
Lumin U1/U2 versus T3
Did you consider the Airlens?   
Lumin U1/U2 versus T3
@audphile1 USB is input for external hard drive.  Digital output is spdif.   
Lumin U1/U2 versus T3
Can't use USB due to T3 can only use spdif out.   
Lumin U1/U2 versus T3
I meant to add is the U1 still relevant or recommended as I know it's a bit older.    
Brand New Vinyl Static and Pops
audio_is_subjective64 what do your 1st 2 answers have to do with the posters question?  
JJ preamp tubes - repeated problems
No worries at all 👍   
JJ preamp tubes - repeated problems
@immatthewj no I didn’t say it practically caught fire. The tube went bad and the top of the tube was very discolored and when i went to pull it out the glass crumbled. I sent you a PM. I replaced both tubes left and right channels and preamp pla...