My Remote on my preamp has stopped working

My Remote on my preamp has stopped working I now need to turn it on using power switch  Any help


Sunfire classic tube preamp


Hello jj77!  Clean the contacts, replace the batteries. No go? Disassemble the remote control unit. (Look for hidden screws in the battery compartment.) The buttons ou push are likely a part of a rubbery pad. Clean it completely. There are probably conductive black patches on the rear of the protruding buttons. After cleaning, rub them with a #2 pencil. "Do not color outside the lines."  Chean the surface of the printed circuit board they contact. Buff it with a piece of rough paper (not sandpaper - the inside surface of a granola bar box will do) until it shines. Reassemble.

I once bought a used NAD preamp with a remote control. The batteries had corroded and leaked onto the printed circuit board and ruined it. The unit has no knobs or buttons for manual control and is useless. It's a brick. I scrapped it for parts.

Ask a system integrator if the URC database has the codeset. If so, any URC remote can be used. For cheap, a UEI remote can also, if it has the codeset. 

With my PS Audio BHK preamp, I will occasionally lose remote function. If I take out the batteries, and shut off and unplug the preamp, then plug it back in and turn it on, It always restores the remote functionality. Some little computer chip needs to reset, I suspect.

You can point the remote at the camera on your phone and should see something flashing white light.  This will be a good indicator of whether the remote is working.

if not, new batteries and cleaning of contacts.

Good luck.

You are using that preamp to control the system you have pictured in your profile? This must be a different system.


My Remote on my preamp has stopped working I now need to turn it on using power switch  Any help

Ah first-world problems.  

Have you pulled the batteries and cleaned up the area where they make contact to form the circuit? Enjoy the music