Las Vegas


I know that there are many people interested in music in this wonderful city of distraction! Let's hear from you and enhance our experience together. To me, this is a sure bet!

Paul(Green Valley)
Hi All, this is Anthony form Aberdeen Components, (chichiuno) long time resident of Audiogon. I moved to Vegas recently, and feel like I live on a island. In fact I am on a island out of reach with people with similar intrests.. looking to hook up with real people, in search of the truth. I come across some really cool products recomended from some old friends back home.. looking to share opinions with others, and such. Mostly geared to digtal.

Pmrodier i live in las vegas bufflo& charelston area
i'm intrested in the resualts in the audio quest sky's and ridge street comparison
I have an exemplar 5910 w russian tubes i'd like to compare to your apl 3910! let me know if you get a club together ....Frank
I am visiting Vegas in August for a wedding coming from Hawaii. I am looking to buy my new system while there. Can anyone recommend a couple (if there are) good high end audio shops.

Joe in Hawaii

I personally head down to Scottsdale AZ to buy my high end gear.

I have been to three high end shops in Vegas to look around, and have a listen.

premiere home entertainment


they are in a very big building. Lots of theater rooms cool to just go check out and have a tour of the different rooms and play some music. This one the significant other actually may enjoy going to.

Image Sound & control


Nice little shop with good people.

there was a third that I went to once but can't remember the name.

I haven't been to any of these shops in over 2 years so things may have dramatically changed.
You would think in a city built on excess, there would be more high end shop's in Vegas. I've lived here for 13 yrs and am disappointed with what we have here. Premier and Abbott's, if there still around are probably the closest to high end stuff we have in Vegas. You also might want to look at some of the online manufactures like Outlaw and Emotiva. You'll save a couple of hundred, which could be put towards speakers or cables.
Hey guys,

I have not been to Abbotts in a long time so I do not know what they have. As for Premiere, Kim and Jim are great to deal with. They are limited to only a few brands that they push. I think Image Sound and Control use to be named something else but, anyway they carry a completely different product so it is nice to see other items. There is another place down on Vallet View,Creative Home Theater and they are nice also. As with anything, I would do my homework before I really took any one's word on what to buy. If you are looking into prepro's, I would look into the Integra DTC 9.8/Onkyo pro Prsc885p exact same units except for the face and has gotten great reviews. Look up the AVS forum or Sound and vision forum. I only found one person here who would sell it to me at a nice discount and I like it better then the Anthem that I was going to get. Good luck
I agree with what has been posted - Premiere has the nicest folks and Creative Home Theater has the biggest wow factor. There is so little here that I'm looking forward to a Southern California trip this month to visit a few shops and get caught up...

I've been looking to get a few audio nuts together for a few years now.

Maybe do something like the first friday of the month rotating hosts each month.

I would be willing to kick things off in February if a few people wanted to come over spin some records and maybe share a few good cuts with each other. Or if someone wanted to bring some IC's or speaker cables we could compare them?

I'm located in the SW right off the 215.

Its only two weeks away lets see if we can put something together.


I responded to your email and will be there. Hopefully we can get some others involved...

Anyone want to get together----newcomer to area and would like to listen to some good music and gear --- located in henderson and have 2 systems that are ok
HI All,

Australasian Hi Fi Dude residing in Vegas-Off Rainbow/215 area would like to catch up with Nigel and other likeminded Audiophiles for some listening,Chat comparing notes,music /etc.

Thanks in anticipation,

Hi Mike, Received your posting via Agon today-- is the Demo in Vegas?--if so count me in-- Just say where/when and details/etc and I'll reply.

Thank you,
No real club in town. Most of the local audio types I've met are very private and busy with life.
I am packing to move back to Las Vegas!!! I will do everything to gather a group of serious audiophiles!! I have Vandersteen 5A's, Arc Ref III pre, Arc 210 Monos, Audio Aero Prestige SE sacdp, top of the line Purist cabling with Elrod Statement Gold power cords on the monos, a plethora of tweeks.....will be in place by the fall.
Thanks for your response. Ah, that sucks. So, no chance of ever being a club?
Cool! Awesome system! Let me know how that goes. I'll be here. Drop me a line whenever.


hello, i just wanted other local audiophiles to know, all of my gear was stolen while i was away. if anyone sees any high end gear being dumped in bulk,locally please let me know. thank you.
Hi Lunna,
Oh dear --I know the feeling-having had same some time back-please let's know list/etc so we can all keep eye out for same.

I'm sure you've considered all the roommate/friend/ex girlfriend connections. That's how most of this stuff occurs and how I got ripped off before. Hope you find out what happened and get your stuff back. Insurance coverage?

these are electrostats and planar speakers
magnepan 2.6 black
magnepan smg-a
martin logan aerius /request /sl-3 /quest/cls
acoustat 1+1
soundlab a-1
carver al-iii
apogee stages
nrg control a-150 amplifier
denon dcd1650
denon 5910
empire 208
long list of uncommon stuff
Sorry to hear this, Lunna. My sympathies. I would scour the pawn shops and thrift stores. Do you have photos of the stolen equipment and the serial numbers?
One more call for alcohol! heh. Seriously, let's get something going, shall we? I'm game.
Hi there....
Just saw this; I'm Jeff....a beginner audiophile, rediscovering the stereo bug I got in high school many, many years ago. I am in the process of rebuilding my system, based around my Arcam Alpha 9 integrated and power amps, which I bi-amp with my B&W 805's. I'm picking upsome vintage pieces (Marantz 6300 turntable.....), supplementing it with other stuff: saving up for a Steve Blinn rack, got all sorts of other plans.

I see this Las Vegas thread is quite old and doesn't look very active any more....but I just wanted to say hi. I'm in Green Valley.

Hey is there "The Show" at CES anymore? I don't see it when I google search. Just want to know what audiophile stuff is at this years convention gig, jan 8-11, 2013. Anyone know, and where it might be?
Hi Jeff, I'm just west of the Strip. Good to hear form someone around here.

Avgoround: Yes, THE Show is still going It's @ the Flamingo.
Hi Dave....good to hear from you, too!
What's your system? Any recommendations for good dealers in town?
Right now, I have;

Bryston 4BSST amp and BP6P preamp

JBL S4700 speakers

Technics 1210M5G turntable

Onkyo DX-7555 cd player

Well, the only real high end dealers in town are Premiere on Ft. Apache and Russell. And there's Image, Sound & control on Industrial. That's it.

Talk to ya soon!

Nice system, Dave.
I'd like to upgrade to Bryston one day; I'm an Arcam/Marantz guy right now...

My 2 channel system:
Arcam Alpha 9 integrated;
Arcam Alpha 9 power amp;
bi-amp with B&W 805's;
Kimber Kable 8tc wire
Arcam Alpha 9 CD player
Arcam MCD multi-disc player
Kimber Kable PBJ interconnects
Marantz 6300 turntable (very old school)

I also have a Marantz SR7005 that I use for my TV and dvd viewing; wonderful amp.....use it with Mirage speakers.

Premiere has been my dealer here; my experience has been very positive with them;

That's it.....
Hi Jeff,

Ok, cool. I'm planning on upgrading to another brand. The Bryston is good, but there's better.

Sounds good. That's a very respectable system you have. Much better than what a lot of other people have.

That's good to know. Some dealers can be hard to work with.

So, are we forming the club? haha. :D

Take care,

Hi guys, If you've never been to Audio Expert on the South-east corner of Charleston and Eastern you should go!
The owner Bobby is a nice guy and he can repair just about anything. He also buys and sells used audio gear and will sell something for you for a commission. Walking into his shop is like walking into an audio time warp,stuff from the 60s on up to modern stuff. Lots of fun!
Happy listening, Tish
I know Audio Xpert; great place; Bobby bought my vintage Boston Acoustic A400's (I miss those);
Very open to getting a club together....
I need to drop by Audio Xpert some time. I wish he had a website with a list of items he has for sale...or be open on Saturdays...
Hi Jeff,

That's cool. I want to do it too. Seriously. It could be a lot of fun and a learning experience. Anyone that's interested, pm me or reply to this thread. Thanks.

*sigh* I guess it's not gonna happen...maybe it just wasn't meant to be...:(
Ok, last time here on Audiogon...

I am interested in starting an "informal" audio group in Las Vegas. There are not any other groups of this kind in the area as far as I know.

Basically, this is just to field possible interest to see if we'd have enough folks who'd be willing to show up, discuss, and enjoy learning about and listening to audio-related stuff.

I'd like the group to be "informal" in that we'd have NO membership dues, NO president, NO board, etc. Meetings would be once per month on either a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The first meeting will be at my humble house with my humble system.

Other meeting locations can be discussed. Beer (or other enlightened beverage) drinking is expected. Food will be eaten.

If you're interested, let me know.