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I know that there are many people interested in music in this wonderful city of distraction! Let's hear from you and enhance our experience together. To me, this is a sure bet!

Paul(Green Valley)
November meeting place and time set
Our Fifteenth meeting:

January meeting place and time set.
I'm in Vegas at least 10 days out of the month, on average for last few years, and even have a 702 are code phone number! (I'm from LA area though). Would this qualify me to attend local get togethers in Vegas?? Thanks, interested - 19 year audio/videophile, acoustics guy, former AV retail custom AV/Theater, and hi-end guy!
Attn: We have 3 special events that will round out the year. Stay tuned to this thread for all of the juicy details!

But, you must be a member to attend. Membership details are below. Thanks.
i just wanted to touch base with all of the vegas audiophiles out there...we're taking new memberships now, and we're going back to free membership...the club is now 18 and over..we welcome and regard all audio systems...low end, mid fi, and high end. you don't have to have a high end system to join...

i will announce our return soon, so stay tuned. we'll be bigger and badder than on it.

anyway that's about it for now...take care and tak to you soon.

-Dave-president and founder, las vegas audio club.
Saturday June 29th, 2019 in Scottsdale, Arizona from 10am to 4pm you can listen to:
Sanders Sound Model 10, Joseph Audio Pulsars, Salk Sound3 beAt, Spatial Audio Lab M3s,
Tekton Design Double Impacts, LSA Signature 10s, Markaudio-SOTA Cesti 3s and Something
very special from ZU audio. Clayton Shaw President of Spatial Audio will speak and take questions.

Directions: 8600 E. Anderson Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. 101 Freeway/Princess Blvd.
Parking  free. Filtered ice water provided.

Format:  Each of the above speakers will be played for 25 minutes in one of the two rooms reserved.
Morning will begin with classical music, then Jazz, then Vocals and finally we will play the club's
collection of great music. Every two hours each speaker may be heard. Support generously provided by all the above fine firms.
Some speakers will be sold at special incentive pricing.
Questions to Jeff Kalina, President Arizona Audio/Video Club.

$10 at the door to cover some costs.

Come to Scottsdale June 29th!!

Available to be heard: Sanders Sound, Joseph Audio, Salk Sound, Tekton Design, Spatial Labs, ZU Audio, MarkAudio-SOTA and LSA.

Additionally we have been graciously offered the use of the new Dan D"Agostino
Progression Integrated Amplifier which will be powering certain of the above brands.

Admission: $10 for non club members.

Location: Venue 8600, 8600 E. Anderson Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. Near the 101 Freeway and Princess Exit.

Hours: 10am to 4pm.

Format: Each 1/2 hour two different speakers can be heard in two different acoustically correct rooms.
This will be repeated with different genres of music.

Guest Speakers from Dan D'Agostino and Spatial Labs as well as other professionals will be present
for Q&A.

These brands and models were selected to give a prospective listener options ranging
in price from $1,500 to $16,000. Most in the $2,000-$5,000 range. They are also generally
considered to be fine examples of the art of speaker manufacturing.

Special pricing will be available on certain models.

Club Membership is available. Website under remodel so call Jeff at 602-625-422two
or email me.

Early Notice of Next event "DAC IT OUT ! will happen End August.

Very Early Notice of event to follow: "Room Correction-Why So Critical to Good Sound"?

Come join us Please! Memberships available at $48/Year. Many Fun Benefits.

This is an invitation to attend SpeakerFest 2022 Saturday August 27th

10am-4pm At the Fountain Hills Community Center near Phoenix. for details.

Two new speaker models will be debuting there. One from Falcon Acoustics and

another from LSA. Dennis Murphy of Philharmonic and Leo of Orchard Audio will present their products.

About 20 different models to experience for $10 admission. DEAL!!

You are welcome to join the

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