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Am I wasting money on the theory of Bi-amping?
My system-     Opera turntable with RS Labs RS-A1 tonearm and Miyajima Shilabe cartridge Wright Sound Silver Top phono stage 47 labs Shigaraki cd transport Hagerman Chime DAC Supratek Cabernet Dual with 6h30 outputs and 101d outputs tweete... 
Tube Rolling Time
Millercarbon,  Ya, I watched a 12ax7 that I paid $125.00 for roll in a semi circle right off the counter onto a stone floor! Went right back and told the guy on ebay what happened and bought another one, hoping that he would take pity and sell me ... 
Need amp for a Rotel RC-970BX
You might want to research Rotel amps, they made some really nice one's. With those speakers with the 87db SPL will need some power. Just do google search for Rotel amp reviews and read all about em!! 
Tube Rolling Time
For the decware Zen, try a Mullard gz32 rectifier and if you haven't already, buy a couple of sv83 output tubes from Steve at Decware, also the input tube is a 6922,7308,6n1p etc, what are you using now?   
CD bookshelves
Take a picture of what you want to a local woodworker and see what he would charge. This way you get to pick out woods, size,etc.Good Luck,  TISH 
What to do with old set of audio equipment?
Looking at Ebay's completed listings shows that these sell for anywhere from $250.00 to $500.00 
Carmine Street Guitars
Bi-amp crossover recommendations
Are you using identical amps?   If so have you tried vertical bi-amping? TISH 
300B SET or EL34 SET
I've never owned a 300b amp because of the cost of the tubes. I have an El 34 amp, and tube rolling won't break my bank! But really I think that its all about the design of the amp that makes the biggest difference. Some 300B amps will outdo a El3... 
Favorite punk song.
Punk Rock Christmas- by the Ravers          Heard It Through The grapevine- by the Slits 
Types of speakers to create nightclub style sound?
For $1500.00 look at a pair Cerwin Vega’s XLS-215 on amazon they have free shipping. Add a couple of used Bag End sub and your all set.Good Luck, TISH P.S. I just saw a pair of Bagend S18E-D ELF subs on ebay for $1500.00, they were 1600.00 a piece... 
highly sensitive loudspeakers for single ended poe
        Sonist-Concerto 4's --97db spl, goes down into the high twenties. Simple first order crossover. I use them with 5 watts. Good luck, TISH 
Best realistic omni type speaker option?
Hi cdc2, Check out - Shahinianacoustics.com. Heard them at shows and was impressed.Good luck, TISH 
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Opinions needed
Hi 10ht, You really need to tell us what amp your planning on using?Thanks, TISH