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Wilson Alexandria V2
I've listened to the Wilson Alexandria V2's and the Sigfried's. I think they are a match made in heaven! Also had Thor's hammer. Which I would also recommend. 
You know you're an audiophile if--
Even though you need to get your roof repaired you spend the money on new speakers because you got a deal you can't say no to. 
Break In Your Speakers...... What CD and how long?
I'm a firm believer that after a 100 hours or so you really need to crank them up for a few hours.I had a WP8's for over a year then I had a party. I had the volume cranked to hearing damaging levels. (the party was out side and I left the back sc... 
Did I damage my speakers?
For some more reassurance I think you did no harm. The surround on the cone and the cone its self are on the thin side and will change temperature quickly. After 15 minutes I think they would be at room temperature. The MDF and or other materials ... 
Need a little help, New to Vinyl
I second the Music Hall Bellari. I think its a great product. 
Las Vegas
I've been looking to get a few audio nuts together for a few years now. Maybe do something like the first friday of the month rotating hosts each month. I would be willing to kick things off in February if a few people wanted to come over spin som... 
What Brand of Kt66/6l6 tube was used in VTL MB-80s
I don't have MB-80s however, my VTL gear came with JJ electronic tubes. They are made in Slovak Republic. JJ now makes a KT66I think VTL used to supply Sovtek tubes which are made in Russia but I'm guessing. 
Sources for uncompressed downloads
Thats odd. One of the links I though I posted: http://musicishere.com/ 
Sources for uncompressed downloads
if you want FLAChttp://www.linnrecords.com/http://musicishere.com/Linn has some very well recorded music. some available in 24/192 I'd recommend, Claire Martin - Perfect Alibi from linn 
Hi Wilson W/P8 owners, best amp ever to drive WP8?
I've have very enjoyable results with VTL MB-450's Driving WP8's I've found I Wilson products like a big power amp even if your not cranking the volume. WP8's can produce a scary amount of bass in a controlled manner. I've had musicians and other ... 
Best jvc xrcds.....
Bamboo - John Kaizan Neptune 
Audio Research Ref3 vs VTL 6.5 or 7.5II
Three years ago when I decided I wanted change my system to a tube system (from rowland) I narrowed it down to VTL and Audio Research. I started to lean towards VTL then two years ago I was at CES and had a demo between the 6.5 and Ref3. It was so... 
Speakers that reveal bad recordings? Not for me.
I've found as my systems resolution has gotten higher sub-par recording do sound better and exceptional recordings sound even better. So if you have recording "A" which would rate as a 3 in quality of recording. and recording "B" which would rate ... 
My experience with wilson speakers is you need some power behind them. WP7's can play very low and need the power to control the puppies. I have WP8's and the VTL 450's and I think they are a match made in heaven. low listening levels they are ver... 
Where to get studio master downloads?
Thanks for the fast replies.