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Las Vegas
Hey guys,I have not been to Abbotts in a long time so I do not know what they have. As for Premiere, Kim and Jim are great to deal with. They are limited to only a few brands that they push. I think Image Sound and Control use to be named somethin... 
THE Show 07
Don_s,Thank you for the web site.I guess my brain was so consumed with where I am going that I did not think to search on the net. I wish you all Seasons Greetings and hope to see you in January. 
THE Show 07
I have a question, since most of the high end was moved to the Venetian, how many other vendors will be at the St.Tropez? Will there be a shuttle or will I have to drive there? I also live in Las Vegas and called the St.Tropez for an answer with n... 
Need your pre-amp advice
Thanks for the input, I have listened to Nad and did not make that one of my choices. Rotel was another that I thought about, but I want to get more opinions on the B&K and the Anthem. I will give the passive preamp consideration. Thanks for t... 
Las Vegas
I think vincent stereo on charelston can do it. There are two used stores there. One is Vincent the other I do not know the name. They look cluttered inside but, Bobby is the person you want to talk to,he probably can do it or tell you where to go... 
Classic rock album covers
Yes King Crimson gets another vote. How about Cream Disraeli Gears,Iron Buterfly Live,or Spirit The Twelve Dreams of Dr.Sardonicus? These are also classic. 
Las Vegas
Dbx,I think Abbotts? sells Audioquest or is it harmonic tech and I know PHE sells Kimber. Most places other then circut,best buy,ultimate, great indoors are installers and can get it but do not carry it so you can not see or try it before hand. If... 
Las Vegas
Hey guys,Premiere Home Entertainment is a great place to shop. I bought my B&W' cdm9,cnt,snt and velodyne sub there. Kim is great to ask questions to and they have always offered to let me take home equipment and try it out. As for the Vanders... 
Need Amp Advice?
Thanks for the input. I purchased the B&K amp and now all I need to figure out is what i/c's and speaker cable so please give me more advice.