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Is $2,844 too much to pay for a fuse?
I'm trying to enjoy the $30 ones, but there seems to be a problem with tweek geek getting product to ship. 
What Is The Most Romantic Song That You Have Ever Listen To?
Overjoyed - Stevie Wonder 
Innuos update 1.4.8
Found the info on their Facebook page.  
How long to rebuild library on Innous Zen Mini Mk II?
Oldears, I had a similar problem with my Zen Mini mk III. I could't access anything. A power surge had knocked something out. I set up a remote session with the guys in the UK, and they stayed with it until it was fixed. I agree, great customer se... 
Question About Linear Power Supplies and Streamers
I have a Swagman Labs LPS for my Innuos Mini. Once it settled in, it sounded better the the switching thing it came with.  Then I found a Synergistic Blue fuse I forgot I had and put that in the Swagman. Huge improvement. My dac is the Denefrips P... 
What is the name of your system?
The Box 
Average age of audiophiles
I was still living at home with Mom and Dad. Started at seventeen and now at 67, this hobby still excites me. 
Anyone know of when the new Innuos Software platform will be released?
I use Qobuz and Spotify and my own music ripped to the Innuos hard drive. I've never had any problems with any of the streaming sites coming thru the Zen Mini. I have the Denefrips Pontus dac and one of the things the upgrade seems to have fixed i... 
Sexy singer(s) and/or song(s)
Gretchen Parlato Elaine Elias 
Anyone know of when the new Innuos Software platform will be released?
I got the new upgrade about two weeks ago for my Zen Mini mk3. Go into the menu and go to the update tab. It should be there. I don't use Roon so I can't comment on that.   
DENAFRIPS DAC ---- Owner Impressions, Feedback, General Discussion, Questions and more.... Upgrade boards for Denefrips dac's 
i thought this was fun:
That was great. I enjoyed it. 
Anyone else grateful that they got hooked on this crazy addiction
I got into the hobby when I was 17 years old and still living at home. Now I have four grandsons. Every time I come upstairs after being in my room for a few of hours, I tell my wife everyone ought to have one of these. I've had friends ask me why... 
Linear Power supplies for DACs...?
Anybody here using an Innuos Zen Mini mk3 with a LPS other then the one they sell?  
You just won a $5,000 audio gear only gift card
A pair of Sonus Faber Sonnetto 5