Fiber to my Etherregen… Sonore OM or generic?


I’ve been experimenting with both a SOTM ISO-Cat7 isolater as well as a 2nd hand Uptone EtherRegen with great results.

I currently have my modem and wireless router behind my equipment rack and I’m concerned their proximity to my audio gear is problematic.

Since the EtherRegen has an SFP port, I think the smartest way to put some distance between them is to install a FMC after the router and run a longish optical cable up from the basement directly to the Uptone ER. Also interested in the audio and iso benefits of doing that as well.

What is the benefit of buying a Sonore Optical Module over a TP Link or other consumer level FMC?

I know there may be benefits with using certain SFP cages and their appropriate cables but , would it be wiser to buy a cheap FMC and perhaps an inexpensive LPS (from LHY for instance) then spring for a boutique fiber converter ?





I would get a $20 FMC off of Amazon. You may not even need the LPS since the other end feeding your system will have the LPS...assuming your EtherRegen has an LPS. I got one called 10Gtek and it works with my Etherregen

@j_andrews wrote: 

"What is the benefit of buying a Sonore Optical Module over a TP Link or other consumer level FMC?"

Supposedly they induce less noise. But I am uncertain if that noise (or the difference in noise between genetic and oM) is audible. And I do employ the prior gen Sonore oM from my NUC to my fiber optic network.

I always recommend using a linear psu on any and every FMC. They really do make a difference. 

What I can add is that I am using an Ether Regen sending the fiber cable direct to my Lumin X1. The difference in sound quality between usb and fiber was quite revealing.


you can choose your preferred sfp/fmc modules, but always remember the reason for doing this is to eliminate electrically borne and transmitted noise at the receiving end...

... so that end (not the sending end) needs well performing sfp unit with a highly filtered, very quiet power supply -- so that electrical noise is not re-introduced at that junction (thus defeating the purpose of the whole exercise)

The receiving end is the Etherregen itself powered by a relatively inexpensive 12V LHY linear supply.
Are you suggesting a higher quality SFP in the Etherregen than in the upstream FMC.

I do have an extra 5V Ifi power x supply I was considering using on the transmitting FMC.

Also, one more question:

For the upstream equipment ( Modem, Router, FMC)… can they all be on the same circuit plugged into a Furman PST?

Conversion is an error likely, potentially noisy process.  If your internet is delivered in fiber, use the fiber input.  If not, stay  with the copper based system.  going back and forth does more harm than good.



to your last questions, i think the answer is yes in both cases... a good linear power supply need not be expensive

have fun happy listening


As an experiment,  I just bought a couple of the Ethernet to fiber boxes and they should be here tomorrow.  I didn’t want them near my equipment either, but as an experiment, I only bought a 1/3 meter fiber cable.  But I have some longer car 8 cables or a longer fiber cable is cheap.  If I like the sound, like @jjss49 says,  the power supply upgrades will be next.

TP-Link Gigabit SFP to RJ45 Fiber Media Converter, Fiber to Ethernet Converter 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Port to 1000Base-SX Multi-Mode Fiber (MC200CM) Black

Is there such a thing as an FMC switch?  Ethernet in.  Multiple fibers out?

For starters like myself experimented  since I bought a new faster modem ,router combo far better synergy then separate units and less cables ,the motorola 8702 

has docsis 3.1 which is 4 x faster then the older 3.0 I then put a 12 v Linear Power Supply which is also 8 amp capable from little green computer, I put a synergistic purple 4 amp slow blow 20 mm a nice improvement. Then a Ethernet converter switch with a 7 v LPS then fiber optic to a Sonore deluxe fiber back to Ethernet ,this being the end point I put the excellent 7 v , Linear Tube Audio -LPS with synergistic purple fuse ,you could use Hifi tuning fuses before the Sonore, being the end point you want your best !  Good sfp modules do count Little green computer sell the Finisar they are $200 a pair ,they are the best . Please note you will need 2 Quality Ethernet cables to truly get the most fidelity not $50, Ihave a AQ Diamond 💎,and a Jcat . The Jcat ref are very good as well as their usb but not cheap$$ . It cost me over $4k just to do this , but you can get a good starter package from little green computer , spend a minimum of $200 each for the Ethernet cables WWorld star light are a good buy and after market fuses you can buy when even ,use slow blow fuses ,they come with fast blow for stock fuses can vary up to 15%+ in accuracy and  that’s why I say go slow blow so they don’t pop for aftermarket fuses very accurate and had one blow  .

@peter_s Yes, buy a fiber optic switch with at least one copper copper port. Attach an LPS to it for less noise generation.I have a few Mikrotik 10G switches and a QNAP 10G switch. The QNAP has 8 copper and 4 fiber ports. Any port can be used as in/out. You don't need 10G, I just wanted to future proof my LAN.