Generic USB 2.0 cable vs. DH Labs USB?

Is there an audible difference using a high end USB cable from PC to DAC?  I'm thinking it shouldn't make any difference when transferring ones and zeros.  I stream Tidal and Qobuz.  I'm currently using Amazon, brand x, 5 meter.  Your opinions or experiences?


My system for context:

ARC Ref 6SE preamp


ARC Ref 80SE amplifier

Quad ESL 2812 speakers

Transparent Audio speaker cable

Transparent Balanced XLR interconnects


Your system certainly warrants a cable like the DH Labs Mirage.  I bought one to connect my Aurender N200 to my Lab 12 DAC 1 Reference.    What I like about that cable is the data and power are isolated by additional shielding and insulation 

I initially used a generic USB and a DH Labs d750 coax.  The D750 was a great cable , nice quality .   I ditched my generic cable and swapped it for the DH USB

I have DH Labs Cryo Air Matrix between my DAC and preamp.   I think they are good cables and they have several price points.  

My system is all tube and it is super quiet , black background.     I think good cables help achieve low self noise between components    Not sure how different they sound ....   but I know when they suck things don't sound very good.  

My Aurender sounds great with the DH cable going to my DAC.  I can't imagine it sounding better with a $500 cable or more $$$   I would never spend that much anyway. 



Im using their Mirrage cable from my N200 to a Pontus Two , its hard for me to imagine that set up getting any better,dead silent.

I like silver plated cables for digital. Audioquest has several flavors that have silver coating and you can choose based on how much you feel like you want to spent.  Always upgrade from generic.


While I have not used DH Labs USB cable, I have used their coax and HDMI cable which were definitely better than previous cables I was using (which were not generic). My experience is that digital cables matter as much as (if not more) than speaker cables and interconnects.

When I started in computer audio, I went from a very cheap USB (printer) cable (literally a cable included with a printer) to a modest $100 Wire World USB cable of similar length. I noticed more definition in the low frequencies as the largest improvement. It was $100 well spent in my opinion on my system.