Eva Cassidy "remastered"

There was an interesting segment aired today (3/3/23) on NPR's  Here and Now (WBUR--Boston)  about a new release of music by Eva Cassidy paired with the London Symphony Orchestra.  Her vocals were apparently digitally "isolated" from her 1990s recordings and paired with performances recorded for the release by the LSO.  The interview discusses the concept of redoing analog recordings to create new works.  Whether you are for or opposed to this kind of digital manipulation it is worthy of a listen,  You can here the segment on NPR or WBUR at the "Here and Now"  site.


I cannot imagine Eva wanting to sing with an Orchestra.

IMO, without hearing any of it, it's just another way to create something to get some more money.


There are several songs on YouTube and although I don't have a lot of experience with her work, the arrangements seem very tasteful.

I've heard it - via Qobuz - listened to the entire album - didn't know the back story until now - I really enjoyed it, but I admit I wondered how she got the opportunity (thinking it was done while she was alive).

Really quite beautiful and I don't care one bit if it is studio "trickery".

Hopefully someone in her family is benefiting, as well as me. 

I'm sure there were recesses of her personality that might not have thought much of singing with an orchestra, but I'd think the artist in her would at least be a little bit intrigued at the prospects of being accompanied by that much talent and instrumental diversity.  Not everyone gets the chance. 

Listened to it tonight.  All I have to say is ehhh nice effort but it just doesn’t work for me seems like a forced mismatch. Live at Blues Alley is her best!

I listened to the album, it sounded unnatural. No need to add anything, Eva was already perfect. 

They have done the same with Elvis, Beach Boys and Roy Orbison. Some folks enjoy it others don't but it probably introduces the artist to a new audience.


I have this recording from 1985 where they played together. I need to pull it out for a listen

A Classic Case (1985) is an album by Jethro Tull, playing with the London Symphony Orchestra, released in 1985. The music was arranged and conducted by Dee Palmer, who had collaborated with the band from 1968 and had been a full band member from 1976 to 1980. The album features band members Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, Dave Pegg and Peter-John Vettese.

The album was recorded during the summer of 1984 at the CBS Studios in London. It was released on 31 December 1985 in the United States, where it reached No. 93 in the charts.[2]

It's a good effort, but it just doesn't work for me, seems like a forced mismatch. The concert at  check the site Blues Alley is her best performance ever!

Can’t imagine her wanting to sing with an orchestra? Members of her band have confirmed that she indeed wanted to perform with an orchestra.

Not a good fit? Interesting as the orchestrator, Christopher Willis, went to great pains to provide only instrumentals which supported the unique arrangement presented just by her voice.

Here’s how a review from Italy judged the result: "The new arrangements, in fact, appear intense and poetic, but also refined and delicate, respecting the limpid beauty of that voice endowed with so much charisma, yet with so much measured grace..."

It should be noted that according to her piano player, she was the musical director of the group. Why this matters is that the quality of her arrangements rise far above the wonderful but sparse support of her band and are good enough to be imaged by a much larger ensemble. The version of Over The Rainbow released on the SONGBIRD album has strings which she played using an electric keyboard. Judging from this effort, the one which has become her signature, it is safe to say that orchestrations were very much part of her vision even if not fully realized.

Tall Trees In Georgia (Orchestral) promo short

Songbird (orchestral) trailer - Eva Cassidy with the London Symphony Orchestra

That said, I tip my hat to those who like only the original albums and say, "Enjoy those wonderful recordings." I respect your opinion and stand with you in celebrating her musical legacy.

As for me, I’ve ordered a CD copy from the UK where it was released a month ahead of the US. I’m eagerly waiting for my US 45rpm copy which if purchased in the delux edition also comes with a small book. BTW - it was #9 on the UK charts last week.

You need to pre-order the album. I already imagine how I will sit, listen to great music and play at my favorite canadian casino sites

I'm a big Eva Cassidy fan and own many of her albums/CDs. I previewed the new Eva Cassidy paired with the London Symphony Orchestra CD and thought it sounded good therefore I pre-ordered the CD. I received the CD several days ago and I don't mean to say the CD isn't good but it's not to my liking. Seems to lack excitement, energy, and the feeling of being present at the concert which I feel in her other CDs that I own.

I just received the LP today from Amazon after hearing it on Qobuz yesterday.  
I was very skeptical as to how the orchestral accompaniment would work, but after hearing it,  I believe it fits like a glove.  Her genius transcends the medium. There’s just no one who  can touch the soul like her.