Ed Cassidy of Spirit is dead

Spirit is still one of my favorite bands from the 60s. Ed was from the older generation. He was born in 1923 but fit right in with the hippies, even with his bald head, which was a very unusual style at the time.

Ed was an accomplished jazz drummer before getting into rock with his son-in-law Randy California. He made a lot of great music and will be missed.
That is sad news. I love Spirit as well. I thought I had read that they were planning a reunion tour. Never heard any more about it. But I suppose it is off the table now. My sympathy's to his family.
Thanks to a great friend, I have recently discovered their stuff. I have a two-record set by them, that strangely has their first and third records. I can't yet say I am a big fan, but do occasionally enjoy this record. It's pretty deep stuff, very unique. Not sure if I have my head wrapped fully around it yet. As for Ed Cassidy, thanks and RIP.
I saw them perform at a small venue in the early 70's, right after their "Feedback" release. Was one of my favorite performances.

May he rest in peace.
one of my childhood favs..."mr skin we know where you've been"...see ya on the other side ED, RIP
Brilliant band, incredibly versatile, listen to Fresh Garbage, or almost any cut from Dr. Sardonicus (a classic which is sorely under-rated). Led Zep opened for Spirit on their first U.S. tour.
And of course the opening to Stairway To Heaven is a direct copy of the Spirit song Taurus.

Randy California (Cassidy's stepson), the guiding force behind Spirit, died many years ago; needless to say Spirit died with him.
Last time I saw them was at some type of street fair.Out doors in Santa Barbara California.They kindly signed some LPs for me.Must have been early 80s.They were so good.Mr. Skin had those kettle drums.I'll miss him.
Saw them in 1978 at a venue in Granite City, IL - The Grainery. Promoter did not book them a place to stay after the show and they were not going to play because of that. I allowed them to stay at my house - what a memory. Very nice and cordial, and intelligent - all band members.