Do you like Mexican music??

I just scored this on Ebay.  Only two bucks plus shipping:

This replaces a  noisy copy I have. 

If you like soulful Mexican music with some really great guitar playing, pick one up for yourself. Great sound. Great music. Great singing. Great guitar playing. 

Happy listening. 
^^^ Well, buy this record and make a slew of tacos. They would go great together. 

Not sure about Mexican music specifically but I love Latin music and especially latin jazz.
I like Spanish and Latin, but Mexican music reminds me of Polka Music. Not for me.
Update: I meant Los Lobos, of course, but the system won’t let me edit at this point. On the other hand, I think I’d like to hear a band called Los Lobes.  I'm sure it would be a cerebral experience.
zman ...

If Mexican music reminds you of polkas, you should buy a copy of the record I posted in my opening post.

How about flamenco ... or Spanish orchestral music? It ain't polka  music. *lol*
Here is a great little group that made about 8 or 9 lp's for Mexican RCA and most were issued in the U.S.........Los Tres Ases and you don't have to speak mucho espanol to figure out that this translates to the Three Aces.Most of these were in excellent Mono and have a vivid presence.
The albums are a mix of ballads and traditional tunes with some rousing tequila driven dizzy rancheros.No accordions,but hearty vocals and singing guitars.I do find these at swap meets along with plenty of other unusual Mexican music music for cheap.Buying blindly on the cheap can reap some great music surprises or enhance the donate pile.Staying in the 50's and 60's you are usually better off.
^^^ jazzcourier...

Thanks for the tip on Los Tres Ases. I was  hoping folks like you would chime in here and make suggestions on good Mexican folk and ballad music. Personally, I love this music. It has so much soul. In addition, I also collect Spanish guitar, flamenco and orchestral music. I'm going to check out Los Tres Ases on Ebay to see if I can find some of their music. 

Thanks ...
If you like Mexican vocals - Try Alejandro Fernandez "Origenes" one of my all time favorites.
Mostly love songs, one duet with Gloria Estefan - great guitar playing & a truly great voice!
Saying Mexican Music is a little bit like saying British Music.  What kind? - traditional (many different types), Pop, Rock, Latin alternative, Mexican Ska, Electronic, Bolero, Cumbia, Opera, Classical, Jazz, Modern etc.

I went to Mexican club in Chicago expecting Latin, Flamenco like music, and found weird polka music that was almost impossible to dance.  As for the Flamenco, most people in US listen to "Rumba Flamenca" (Gipsy Kings, Paco de Lucia etc), the least respected kind by Flamenco musicians.  Rest of the Flamenco is often pretty boring, at least to me.
Los Lobos isn’t completely Mexican thaty’s why interesting and not boring.
Why would dig on Mexican music if among Latin music the most interesting, sophisticated and entertaining is Brazilian music? 2nd Cuban music comes into play very often with mixture of African rhythms and improvisation. Next unique music comes from Argentina. The brightest composer of all times there is Astor Piazzolla who probably built the huge era of nuevo tango.

I’d rather listen to Lawrence Welk indeed. No offence to Mexicans, because I believe most Mexicans would share the same thought. Have quite an array of Mexican clients: Ones would look for heavy metal, another ones for soul, some would look for classical music, jazz, but guess what? None had yet would look for Mexican music at all of any kind.

P.S. If I buy record, I'd rather buy it with no shipping. This stuff I can find among thrift stores in same condition.
^^^ Nothing boring about Manita de Plata's flamenco music. With that said, you are correct. There's as many types of Mexican music as there is British music. What I like, and was alluding to, were Mexican love ballads with beautifully played guitars. 

paladin ...

Thanks for the heads up on Alejandro Fernandez's "Origenes." I downloaded it and saved it to my Spotify account. Beautiful. 

jazzcourier ...

I did the same with Los Tres Ases. These guys are exactly what I was talking about. Soulful and beautiful. 
Some romantic jazz = Charlie Haden's Land of the Sun with Gonzalo Rubalcaba  on Verve. Great laid back stuff for late evenings. 
Paco de Lucia may have been a little rhumba-heavy in the 70's but he explored a lot of different territory after that.  I love his stuff.  For traditional I like Paco Pena.  Both are great artists.
There's lots of great Mexican music.  There's also lots of not so great Mexican music.  Much like most places, Mexico has a rich tradition of music, not all of which is for every taste.  Hey, I dig mariachi music (and yes, I'm aware that some claim that it's derived from a French tradition), but I don't expect everyone here to share that preference.

As to Los Lobos being "not completely Mexican", .....well I understand the poster's intention, even if it's an odd idea.  The truth is that Los Lobos plays many different kinds of music, some of which is not remotely Mexican and some of which is "completely Mexican".  And both sides of the band are usually terrific.  IMO.
^^^ I love mariachi music too ... but it has to be really good. When its really good, it has that soulful character to it that I just love. The tone of that big bass guitar is just fantastic. 
I like first(in the U.S.) generation Mexican musicians like Jerry Garcia and Carlos Santana.  Does that qualify?
Listened to some Los Lobos and some Los Lost Boys last night and confirmed that I still don't care for Mexican music.
I like live Mexican folk music with the horns and guitars.  Not so much at home, recorded.  There are a couple of songs by Tito and Tarantula on the "From Dusk till Dawn" soundtrack I like.  If you like the movie, the soundtrack is excellent.  Sort of R+ rated dialogue from the movie - warning for  uhhh..  more sensitive people.

 "I like first(in the U.S.) generation Mexican musicians like Jerry Garcia and Carlos Santana.  Does that qualify?

Nope, The Dead don't dance. At least not to flamenco music. :-)

This lady does though:

I saw her perform this live at Universal City. An amazing concert backed by the best big band brought up from Mexico City.
I like some Mexican music and I like a lot of flamenco--but I don't connect the two.  Mariachi and flamenco are two different styles, two different traditions.
I like Calexico. Excellent indie rock band, check them out if you're not familiar.