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Munich High End Show Report 2023 !
It is like all the years ago …. Hm, no wait, ONE big difference we have now … no matter what you did like (or not) … add 50% to former prices with their next Generation   and the catering became MUCH better quality  
Dynavector XV-1S
+1 dover  
Original Quads (57) - the perfect amp
I think I would use Atma-Sphere. Good sound, very reliable.  
One turntable with two arms, or two turntables with one each - which would you prefer?
Who cares. Buy the one which is the best bargain  
Where do you want your system to go when you go?
Will sell it cheap 🤗  
What is the “World’s Best Cartridge”?
The best? Always the next one ☝️   The problem with High End is the price tag. All think, the higher the price, the better it is. Analog reproduction is a chain, the best cartridge can’t shine when the phono stage is not on par, same with Tonea... 
What Is Most Important?
DS Audio Ionizer for analog Playback
Hm, sounds like modern High End … or Highest End …🙄  
Any new reports from Munich 2022?
Been there. came back with ear cancer …   in general I would say…..tendency is big units, heavy units, expensive units and bigger, more heavy ( minimum 2 people to move amps etc.) and much more expensive….multi chassis for everything… Big turnt... 
Every day I see another turntable recommendation...
Go to the one you can sell quick when you want to …  
Best tonearm rewire - cable and service...
You can try analogmagik.com …. Very good knowledge …. He refurbished  my Fidelity Research Arms ..  
Are Lamm preamps hard on tubes?
Are Lamm preamps hard on tubes?No 
List your breakthrough products that you’ve discovered on this audiophile Journey.
Phonocable Audioquest Leopard 
Turntable isolation platform Recommendations?
Yes, did use Airline Arm with Vibraplane. Never had a problem. Easy going, still own the VP, the minus-k never was my cup of tea …https://i.postimg.cc/zfbWbFBs/C3-ACBEDE-E210-4626-ADD7-172-B8-B5-B11-F6.jpg  
Turntable isolation platform Recommendations?