Could this be a Major Breakthough ?

New chip provides high-end sound even with low-end speakers. Maybe this chip will be in home stereo gear soon.
It could potentially do a really good job in the car market. DSP processing is very powerful and only limited by the imagination and talent of the programmer.
It sounds quite familiar. I believe that about ten years ago, a number of high end audio companies, particularly Meridian, were working on digital processing to match speakers to the acoustic characteristics of the individual room in which they were located. I don't know what happened to the research in the area as I haven't been following it. At the time, I think that it was just beyond the capabilities of the processing technology of the time. However, a lot has changed since then in the digital world. It sounds like the work is ongoing. It is certainly something to watch.
It might certqainly help in the low end of the market (car, iPOd), this kind of approach is hapless in the high-end.
Many others are doing it. See, for example, Meridian Room Correction, Audyssey, TacT, Lexicon, RoomEQ Wizard, etc.

It's just dsp proccessing, quite common as Kal says above. As to it's effectiveness for us, if you read the second page of the article it says that it won't be of much use to audiophiles with high end systems.
Here's a dealer for fuel cell kits... .. I was looking around on the web and found this dealer.....I found out about these fuel cell kits in a Popular Science magazine..they are in Newsweek and other magazines too
I have developed a device that turns one dollar bills into tens. The cryo-treated version spits out twentys. And the tube model hundreds.
Look at this..... ...and ..
Hifisoundguy...Water injection is an idea that has been around for decades. It has typically been used for brief bursts of power, as for an aircraft takeoff or during combat. The jet engines on early 707 aircraft used water injection on takeoff.I think it has a cooling effect which prevents an overstressed engine from damage, and the steam generated probably gives some degree of power increase.
Did you look at what people that has tried these aquatuneplus systems had to say about them...
The main benefit from water injection is to cool the intact charge *(especially on turbo-charged engines), thus allowing for more air mass for the same volume(denser charge) therefore the possibility of adding more fuel for an added kick. There is one serious disadvantage, however, the added water can blow head gaskets if used too much too often and continuously!

Bob P.
Hifisoundguy, if you are into better mileage, find a copy of the DVD 'Who Killed the Electric Car?'
I found out that Consumer Reports gave the aquatune a bad report...I'm going to wait until they review the Hydro-Assist fuel cell kits before buying one...
Boy I bet that the speaker wire and fuse people would love to meet those people with their 'scientific' testimonials!
You can't take the salt out of the soup.

I doubt that any amp technology will be able to undo the inherent problems of midfi speakers.

Still - seems to make for great copy.

I'm in total agreement with this article... ARE you on The ROAD to AUDIO HELL???
I'm in total agreement with this article... ARE you on The ROAD to AUDIO HELL???
Electric cars will be mainstream soon? Did anyone see the show this month on HBO called Who killed the electric car?
New type of electromagnetic power conditioner and its made out of Granite!.. Could this be a Major Breakthough
The new 3D power conditioner also has a wood version. Who knows if it's a "Major break-through". They don't say what it has in it, only what it doesn't have in it. Anyone out there try one yet?

Ok, I just got an E-mail from Clarity Cables and Melissa told me that ones that were made out wood were a lot better! They have two models, the 3D Max has 8 outlets, 4 on each circuit.This allows for seperation of source and amp,if desired. The regular 3D has 6 outlets and one circuit. The MAX is definately the better unit! The Max is pretty big too 18X17X8. They only make wood cabinets for the regular 3D model right now and it will be a while before they start making the wood cabinets for the 3D MAX. A speaker company called Escalante speakers is making the cabinets for Clarity Cable. The price for the regular 3D in a wood cabinet is $1900 and 3D MAX in a (granite) cabinet is $3800.
Here's a review on the CLARITY 3D MAX
When I get one of these 3D MAX with the wood cabinet I'm going to try out some of these Acoustic Revive RGC-24 Virtual Ground's. I'm going hook up these to the 3D MAX's grounding system. .. Here's a review....go down he list until you see the review
We have heard from you in the past on various subjects.Very amusing for the most part.Sort of like a demented uncle/grandfather occasionally coming out of his coma.Keep up the good work,we're all in this together,Bob
"We have heard from you in the past on various subjects.Very amusing for the most part.Sort of like a demented uncle/grandfather occasionally coming out of his coma.Keep up the good work,we're all in this together,Bob"

LOL, Bob. Very funny.

Don't thank me Sherod.Thank him.Have you seen the stuff he comes up with?Its been months I think and I still remember his musings.Like a frizzy-haired mad scientist in a lab coat is what I see when I wonder who he is.Like Einstein on mushrooms in a dungeon surrounded by large noisy machines.......I love this site.......I had a friend like him in Berkeley in the summer of 70......back to my coma,cheers,Bob
Yes, Bob. I fondly remember his "mad scientist" experiments. One of my favortes was when he cut the cabinet out around his DCM speakers and then spread concrete on the drivers. Yikes! A Franken-speaker! It's alive!