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What do you think is the best integrated amplifier under 1000
YBA-Rega are 2 that come to mind...... 
Amp upgrade from Ayre V-5xe
YBA Passion or Sig series...... 
Joule LA-100 Owner's Manual
Hello,Bob here.Just bought a LA 100 Mk 11.Could also use a manual.Glad to pay.Lets rap,thanks for your time and energy,Bob 
How well respected our EAR products
VERY respected,Tim is in the top 10 all-time......YMMV,Bob 
Joule Electra Amp Repair
My understanding is Judd has passed away but I'm not positive,cheers,Bob 
Amplifier to power JBL Voice of Theater Speakers
I would also recommend a top notch tube amp.Atma-Sphere would be a first choice along with possibly Graaf,hot-rodded Mac 30-40 monos.......but start with AS,Ralph is a guy who will do the right things on all levels.......thanks,Bob 
Focal Mini Utopia vs Merlin MXe
Have had the 7270 with good results but the best SS was an Aaron from the Sovereign guy from Germany.Even a little better than Ayre.Really good.See him at,Bob 
which preamp
I would find a used First Sound if you come acroos one in your travels.If not those are fine choices also,good luck,B 
Analyzing the power from the outlet
As usual its always good to hear from Ralph regarding all things directed towards hearing and the love/wonder of music and how to expand our listening pleasures.Lots of good posts here.Speaking of PowerVar I had one of their conditioners about 10-... 
Views on Siltech cables with Pass Labs Pre/Power
As usual with diff systems and rooms its pretty much subjective yet some continue to preach the Holy Grail is this........cheers,Bob 
McCormack DNA-1 problems
2-1 the amp works fine,cheers,Bob 
Canary Audio
They are top shelf on all levels,cheers,Bob 
which preamp
THird the none,good luck,Bob 
Need a warm amp for bright speakers
I second Ralphs idea about the tube amp,that and a cable swap would be a good way to go/start.Check out the,good luck,Bob 
What new amp for my Merlins
Sovereign or Aaron would be my pick.Check out the website and trust in German engineering.I did and am in SS heaven,cheers,B