Chill Out; Get Outside of yourself

Since I’m a geezer, I have the luxury of doing what I want. We decided to go to Alaska. It is not the US in the "OMG I’ve got to deal with external BS." Survival is sort of important. As my wife says, "It’s about functional, not about frills." And that, to me, is the starting point. Know your point of departure. The world is bigger and more amazing than you may think.



Great photo.


I love the earth. Growing up in Chicago… I just couldn’t wait to get out and explore. I managed to get myself to Outward Bound in Colorado when 16 and climbed my first 14,000 foot mountain. I became a geologist and lived all across distant mountain ranges and explored coral atolls on vacations like Bora Bora as a young man. Worked globally as an adult. Incredible world we live in!


As a geezer I hope to donate to causes that help preserve the wonderful planet that has nurtured life to sentience.

Thanks gents, yes, the photo was taken from the plane by me or the wife. Once I get back I will collate and edit all the photos. It is culture shock in some ways, very much a "can do" attitude in others that is both familiar and reassuring. Our friend here is one of those guys who can do everything. We aren't exactly "roughing" it, but the remoteness and size of the place is, in some profound ways, simply mind-boggling. I'm also amazed at the number of older people up here. This place is not easy, once out of summer. I gather fall is spectacular. The train ride down the peninsula was beauty and grandeur in every direction. Mind blown. 

@whart,  Welcome!  You can tell by my alias I live here.  We go "outside" for the shoulder seasons but it's otherwise hard to leave.  Every day can be an epic day if you try.  Just don't try to audition audio equipment Lol.  

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Thank you for a marvelous thread!

@clearthinker why do you pollute this wonderful thread with your anger and insecurities?

Photo above looks like a great location for a new lo-comfort prison for the fraudster scumbags in another post today.  Perhaps reduce security a bit to allow escapes that would end in death by exposure.  That would reduce running costs on long sentences.

Someone said 'hate the crime not the criminal'.  That's all wrong.  Don't spare these scums any sympathy.



I am angry, but not insecure.

From your handle you may be an aging hippie and sympathetic to criminals.  I'm an aging hippie well on to Highway 61, but never sympathetic to criminals.

I only pray you don't get scammed by one of these bastards, like quite a few on here have been.  But if you did it might change your attitudes somewhat.  Anyway it would be interesting to hear your proposals on stopping all the scamming which gets more widespread every year.

Preaching to the choir. In my younger days I climbed half the 54 Colorado fourteeners. Skied a few and even mountain biked one. The world viewed from the top is the most serene thing you can do. Now at 67, it's time to rest 🙂

Alaska is a beautiful place. Austere, rocky, demanding. 

Not for the faint of heart. Avoid the winter and the thaw and the mosquito eruption. Also steer clear of the crazies. Lots of time to think awkwardly. But hiking, fishing, hunting, cross country class.  

I've been hiking since 14 years of age.  In my youth I did a lot of backpacking but as I age I only do day hiking.  Typically somewhere between 7 to 11 miles in a day and typically with a good amount of elevation gain/decline.  I love the mountains!  You can see by my avatar picture that I am a skier, too.  I have been skiing for 49 years and still enjoy the higher elevations and big mountain skiing.  I got 23 ski days this year, the final 2 were just last week.  And of course, at Mammoth Mountain.  I also fish for pelagic species (tuna, yellowtail, dorado).  Though that is at sea level (not the mountains) it is most certainly the outdoor lifestyle and more experiences of this beautiful planet.  And I get to stuff my freezer with some amazingly delicious fish😋

Sorry to ramble on about myself.  Bottom line, though, whatever you prefer to do in your spare time, @whart is absolutely correct.  Chill out and get outside of yourself.  Just get outside and experience the world around us.  It's awesome!  And it provides such marvelous memories.

Beautiful photo. Reminds me of the opening scene from Prometheus,
in a good way.

All the best,

Yep, that was kind of my point. We get caught in cages of our own making. This place forces you to transcend the normal inner voices and get in touch with something bigger. I could see how the long cold winters here could make one go all "The Shining." Thanks for all the kind words. Lots to do here this week for us. 


Thanks for sharing. I hope you and your wife have a simply amazing experience there.