He never questions what you do, does he? The perfect companion for any audio journey.

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I don’t own a pet, but I have a question for music lovers who are pet owners.

Do your pets express preferences for some recordings and distaste for others?

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take a look at my post under the receivership thread under the Amp forum. I posted a message from someone associated with the company that was posted on WhatsBestForum within the hour


Thank you, I saw it. 

I am optimistic that they will pull through. A couple years ago the company was purchased by an audio Sales VP, Trevor I believe… he was actively strengthening the business and reputation. I suspect he did not have the financial / operational expertise and slipped up on how to manage cash / debt. If he had variable debt… it would be easy to get into a cash crunch. 

Worst case scenario I think it will get sold. 

In any case I am really thankful of the equipment I own. I definitely was waiting for the upgrade cost to increase. It was obviously coming. 

Regarding receivership. High end audio is a tough business serving a niche market. I hope they will be bought out by someone who will appreciate the brand and will invest in it. Like the old saw goes, "The best way to make thousands of dollars in audio is to start out with millions."

I'm not so concerned about the dog, but I am concerned about the number of pillows and extra carpets are in the background.

( "You were a Good Dog, Nipper.  You Did hear your masters' voice...

..but Now....everything But.... 🤷‍♂️ 😏 *scratches Sunny's' ears*  Good Lucky dog...

RIP over that rainbow...."  ✨ )

@mahler123   *L*  Around here, both catz and Sunny D. Dog could and can give a stink bug stuck flipped on its' back definitely more attention than they ever give whatever I chose to listen or 'background' my hours.

The only real reaction is when I choose Louder....then they retreat and go to sleep.

'Music' is just another noise in their world....*L*  Weird thunder... ;)

@ghdprentice, that set of photos that follow after the dog photo are pretty damn impressive. Solid photography! 

The first photo captured perfectly the eyes/look on my wife’s face when Fedex/UPS rings our doorbell. LOL.


Audio Research will survive and thrive. No offense intended to Trent Suggs but he is a sales guy. Sales guys are rarely finance guys. Unfortunate because he probably bet the farm and leveraged himself into a financial tight spot. Nobody can plan for Covid or supply chain woes but you can plan financially for the future so that your business can handle a stress test/calamity test. I get accused all the time of being too conservative but in my 40 year professional career I’ve only had to lay off people during the first five years of my career. You have to hate the idea of being on the wrong side of a financial crisis….and I’ll admit that Covid and 2008-2010 were opportunities because we were prepared.


Someone, maybe even Paragon, will buy an exceptional halo company with exceptional products for pennies on the dollar and ARC will thrive. I’ve owned a fair bit of ARC gear through the years and its exceptional. I do not currently. For all of those who seemingly find joy in reading about ARC’s current situation who are drawing correlations to the economy or as some other canary in a coalmine metaphor, you werent ARC’s target market anyway.

There is kind of a mantra in the tech world about business that goes like this:

Original inventor comes up with a brilliant product.

Makes a few and they are spectacular hits with his friends.

Decides to make more of them and sell them. Doesn't know much about manufacturing, so hires a specialist who sets it up and off they go.

Product is selling very well and a marketing dept is formed and they start to drive the business--"Here's what the customers are asking for.  Can you do that?"

Yes, says the original inventor, and off he/she goes.

Marketing says that there are more orders than he can manage, so they hire a sales person.

Sales person and marketing person get together and decide what is needed next.  They tell the original inventor and things start getting made.  Sales and marketing take over the company and hire people to build more and more stuff and so it goes.

Original inventor is now out of the loop and is told to keep inventing and leave the rest to marketing and sales.

Company has problems.

Not inevitable, but it happens more than you would think.

ARC makes the best stuff out there, IMO.  They will continue in some form.




Thank you for you comments on my non-audio photography.

I hadn’t realized you can easily navigate to my Flickr albums… but great for anyone wishing to see my photos. One of my passions. I have over 120,000 photos from my travels around the world… a few on Flickr.


Used to be one of my passions as well. My brother and I had a photo processing business back in the day. Had a camera around my neck everywhere I went. You certainly have a good eye.