Another Vandersteen model 2 question

Sorry by keep asking questions and seeking for guidance. I just purchased a pair of 2Ci speakers. I asked Richard about the vintage and he kindly responded by telling me they are about 30 years old. I was half of my age back then and my respect doubled. Really like the sound. Now I'm thinking I must be missing so much between back then and the current new 2Ce models. I can afford them and my wife also likes the warmth and the incredible balance. The amp I'm using is my Vincent SP-331 (not the MK). Cables are run of the mill generic 12awg and bi-wired.

Thank you.

Without going into great detail, the new Vandy 2Ce Sig. 2's are light years ahead of the older 2Ci. The newer line along with new drivers and fresh design techniques make the latest Vandersteen 2's a no-brainer. The difference is startling.....
I have the 2CE Sig IIs. I have never heard the 2ci model.

But I would like to add that although the Sig IIs sound good with my Line Magnetic tube amp, they sound much better with my solid state Parasound A21.  I suspect if one has a higher powered tube amp with much more current they will appreciate the power to sound their best.
Again the speakers really do sound good with a wide range of power amps, but I think to get that extra smooth timbre and range, to extract the natural sweetness out of them.....the more current the better.
Mr. V constantly upgrades his speakers as time passes, so even the same model can have different parts/sound. 
So, getting a more recent edition will give you slightly better reproduction than an older model. It will be noticeable but not earth-shattering.
I would recommend adding a 2w or 2wq sub (a pair is better) and keep the 2's you now own. The best part is you can still use them if you do want to upgrade.
At one time, I had both the 2ci and the 2ce signature.  I liked the 2ci better and kept them.
Bob. Not trying to start an argument with you, but the  2 Ci's are not even close to the new 2Ce Sig. II's. Other than the "2" designation and similar looks, they are two very different speakers. Years ago I had listened to the Ci at great length , considering a possible purchase. Even back then I couldn't get past their polite, reticent, lack of dynamics type of sound, not to mention the rolled off high frequencies and lack of mid-range resolution. The new 2 Ce's have none of these problems. I know it sounds like I am bashing the older Vandys, but even back then I wanted more out of my loudspeakers. It wasn't till the last couple of years that Vandersteen started making speakers (within my price range) that finally gave me what I wanted from them. That is why I have the  Treo CT's along with a 2Wq sub, soon to be two subs. (maybe).  If the OP wants to keep the Ci's, fine. I'm totally ok with that. Just that I believe there is a huge difference between the old and the new.....IMO:)
Thanks for the input. I agree with the comment about "polite" sound quality of the Ci but I personally don't find them rolled-off at higher frequencies nor the mid-range lack of resolution but all things are relative so I'm not questioning the input. I'm not discounting the input from mr_m but I have no doubt that improvements have been made. Perhaps it boils down to personal choice, just like any other speaker question. I'm fortunate to live a little over an hour away from Audio Connection and might have the opportunity to try the new models at home. Or I can take my amp and try it at the store. I also know there are lots of options in the $3K price range, new or used. At this point I just wanted to hear from folks with first hand experience and get an idea of what I might be missing. 


I am sure the new signature II sound much better than the 2ci speakers, but I had the original 2ce signatures, a totally different animal.  The metal dome tweeter was very offensive to my ears.  Also, I found the Vandersteen sound a little too polite for me.

By the way, I don't know if there's a standard definition for term "polite" but my definition is a balanced sound without any particular range of frequencies jumping out or be more forward/present than any other range. Or maybe a little darker than some speakers where the top end just sparkles a bit more than others. I've always found the top end sparkle or fuzz real exciting during dealer demos but find it fatiguing at home. Anyway, it would be nice to have an audiophile Glossary of Terms so everyone can speak the same language. 
Now would be good a time to upgrade as Vandersteen has a trade in program on the 2's. Check the website or call Audio Connection for the details.

I guess my version of "polite" sort of ties in with dynamics. The much older Vandy's  sounded, to me, like about mid hall at a concert rather then being closer, but not right on top of the performance. You just didn't hear the "punch" of the music when it got loud with them. This has nothing to do with an imbalance of frequencies or colourations that some speakers have. That was common years ago, but much less so now. I agree with you that you don't want tweeters that sizzle. The older model 2c had a severe upper frequency dip that just made the speakers totally un-involving  and lifeless to me, in the treble range. The Ci's less so, but still reticent. The new Carbon tweeter that I have in my Treo's doesn't  sizzle at all. It is only airy and very transparent. The ceramic coated tweeter that Vandersteen uses in the 2Ce sig.II and 3A is also smooth and airy, but not quite as transparent as the Carbon Tweeter.

   Stereo5......I believe you have or are getting the GoldenEar Triton Reference. I would love to hear that loudspeaker. I bet it is something special!

   Kalali.... Some years ago, one of the big audio mags made a Gossary of Terms for audiophile sound. Can't remember which one or when.

I'm fortunate to live a little over an hour away from Audio Connection and might have the opportunity to try the new models at home. Or I can take my amp and try it at the store.

Yeah that is what I would do for sure. If they let you take a pair of 2CE Sig IIs home, it will be very easy for YOUR EARS to compare the two speakers- 2Ci and 2CE Sig IIs side by side with your own equipment. Keep in mind, as I had noted, the speaker really does respond to quality electronics and lots of power to sound their best. IMHO
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@mr_m   Agreed!  I had the original 2C and the soft dome tweeter was smooth, polite and lacking in air.  When I moved to the original model 3, the dynamics were more natural but that metal dome was unforgiving.  As I upgraded to the 3A and then, even more so to the 3A Sig., the treble became more integrated with the other drivers.  No more listening to the tweeter!

I too have upgraded to the Treo CT model with the carbon tweeter and the robustly constructed cabinet.  It's just music now.  I don't even think about individual drivers.  Everything is "of a piece".  

I haven't had the pleasure of hearing the 2Ci vs. 2Ce Sig. but knowing how Richard is always working toward an increasing level of musicality in his designs, I would imagine the most recent iteration of the model 2 will be superior in musicality.

Best of luck to the OP.  I hope you can audition the speakers in your system and your environment.  Looking forward to the results!
 I had the original, mid-1980s 2C - my first "real high end" gear. I am curious how the latest in the 2 series sounds. And whether the cosmetics (a matter of taste, of course) have improved. 
My quibbles aside, it was for comparison only between the old and new Vandy 2's. I do think the Ci is still a very listenable loudspeaker and all that counts is the OP being satisfied with them or not. If he got them for a good price and they are in good condition, then his purchase is well justified.
I paid $450 and if I didn't know they were 30 years old, cosmetically I would have thought they were brand new. No blemishes on the socks and not even a scratch on the wood pieces. The guy I bought them from was an audio nut running them with a pair of Pass Labs XA60.8 monoblocks and needless to say they sounded fantastic. I'm going to see if I can drive up to north Jersey this weekend and listen to the new ones at Johnney R's place - Audio Connection. Just as an aside, he's got a CJ PV10 preamp listed for sale and I'd like to check that out as well while I'm there. 
Interesting comments about the 2Ci's, CE's and Sigs.  Its also what you got running them and the synergy that makes or breaks the sound too.

I had a pair of 1B's many years back running with a Creek 5050 int amp.  I think I would have liked some higher powered separates with a beefier sound to them, enjoyable, but lacking in overall transparency 
Five years ago I had a pair of the 2CI then three year ago I bought the 2 CE Sig II. There is a huge difference between the two, the Sig II has a better and upgraded crossovers and the new now Sig II has the woven composite midrange that I think are the same as the model 5s. Anyway, the 2CI is amp friendly, no mater what amp you use, it always sounds good. I used to drive the 2CI with my old NAD amp 150 watts and it sounded great. Now I have a pair of McIntosh 600 watts mono blocks driving my Sig II and it is very impressive as in very clear, better sound stage, tighter bass at any volume level.
i recently heard the latest model 2 in San Diego driven by 80 WPC tube VTL amp - sublime and IMO very high end
Johnny R will do right
and while colored the CJ gear can be magic also