Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
I have at least 95% in my vinyl collection. What a great musical era.
Thanks MC!
The era when I became an avid listener, on AM radio and LP's, kicked in, in late 63.
Great to know the chronology of the hits...slightly different than I recall.
Checking out the 70's next!
I had collected many lps during the past 50 years, some really good sounding some really bad sounding. I sold all my analog gear and lps without looking back years ago
Yeah, that pretty much brought back two decades worth of humiliation, embarrassment, and chagrin over various thoughts, feelings, and actions characteristic of adolescent life!   (I didn't follow it through the 70s, when popular music blessedly began to release its hold on one's emotional life.)

Don’t know about others but music has the ability to time travel for me. A single song can take me back in time to a specific time, place, and event. I can hear a song and remember being in the back seat of the car, my dad driving, a cold winter day and the sun just setting. It was bizarre going through the 70’s as they started out with an extremely happy time with family and growing up to only change to dark times around summer of 77 when excess drinking and drugs kicked in. I did survive but still don’t know how. Will move past the 80’s as I know that will be even darker and now looking forward to the 90’s and beyond. Thanks for the link!
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I would go today if my wife could go with me and I knew what I knew now. Bottom line people and the relationships are the most important thing in the world. I would love to go back a revisit with those I have lost. The bad thing is I didn’t really grasp this until I was 49 years old. Even back in the day my wife and I went to Maui. Decided to take the road to Hana. I flew 45 mph all the way to Hana. Do you know what’s in Hana. Back then 20 years ago not much. We didn’t realize the Road to Hana is a journey, not a destination. What I am trying to say is stop trying to hall ass towards 65,75,and 85 years old.  You will have regrets. I know I do. Luckily I’m 51 years old. I would rather live happy with a $5 clock radio then die unhappy with a $100,000 dollar system. Bottom line, I do feel with technology and advancements in health it is never to late to rethink this way of thinking. Start by reaching out to friends and family. Especially the ones who have been slipping away. 

I think what happens, when songs become real popular like this they tend to cross lines and be played everywhere. The Beatles, Elvis, they were on Ed Sullivan, and the Monkees we can make fun if we want but they had their own show for crying out loud! So this music was everywhere, you could not possibly grow up without hearing it. Not to mention the vast majority of it was just plain really, really good music!
Yeah but look how much of that is popular even now 60 years later! There's a kid here at work, I say kid but he's 20-something, who I was surprised to find listening to Louis Armstrong! Quality songwriting never goes out of style.
Thanks MC! I Was nine in 1960 and the youngest of four Brother's so l heard these songs all the time What a voice that Brenda Lee had! A fews years later l was doing the twist as it was all the rage At age 13 l saw the Beatles perform on Ed Sullivan  Talk about a water shed moment!