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Hearing aids
Carlsbad-- As I said, it's a psychological problem.  I never use headphones.  And yes, I have those modern hearing aids which are tuned to my hearing loss.  But couldn't I get the same compensation with a decent mixer on my system?  (This of cours... 
Hearing aids
I have them, and use them in restaurants, or when I'm around people.  I DON"T use them to listen to music or esp. when I go to concerts.  I can't get past the idea that they are just some of the cheapest crappiest speakers you could have.  Why wou... 
Adding a “safe haven” forum for discussion of tweaks?
An ignore feature would be helpful, I suppose.  But I don't really find the most egregious examples of this all that bad (have you ever seen what goes on on, say, a sports board?-- I don't think I've ever encountered racist, sexist or homophobic b... 
Improving sound in less-than-ideal (i.e., 'crappy') space
Thanks!   My Focal monitors seem to be designed to be mounted that way as well.  I guess the only way to figure this out is to start experimenting:  starting with the knowledge that what I have now is not really doing the job.  Thanks again.  
Improving sound in less-than-ideal (i.e., 'crappy') space
Yup.  This is a bedroom.  Bed can't go unless I want to sleep on a cot, and I don't.  I have the equilateral triangle set up, but with the speakers against the wall, it doesn't work.  I assume you're both confirming what I suspected:  get the spea... 
A Record Collection/Moral Conundrum - What Would You Do?
Not really interested (I thought): you never "lend" money to anyone.  You give it.    On the other hand, reading through this amazing thread helps me understand the psychological basis for many of the others here. 
Recommendation for a highly resolving amp
@jdane, by resolution I mean clarity and realism. Like ultra high definition TV vs regular HD TV.Thanks.  Seems that a number of these terms are being used here simply as variations of "good."   I don't see any clear distinction among them. 
Recommendation for a highly resolving amp
Still haven't determined what you mean by 'resolution'; it does seem that those in this discussion are talking about different things. 
What do audiophiles do in their cars?
I have always believed that what one "does in one's car", however disgusting, perverse, illegal, or jaw-dropping weird, is one's own damn business. 
Bernard Haitink, R.I.P.
Recommendation for a highly resolving amp
Can you explain exactly what 'resolving' is or means?Not intended as bait; I really do not know what this means. 
I agree with Keef
There is no such thing as "cancel culture" except in the minds of those most hysterically denouncing it. 
How long do good speakers last?
Years ago, replaced foam in Advents prob. 15 years old. Set of KLHs (very similar, no?) still going after 60 years in brutal conditions (summer home, deep frozen in winter). I did change the capacitors last year, just to do something, but I doubt ... 
Fidelity vs. Musicality...........Is there a tug of War?
Fidelity to what?    There is no definable entity out there to be faithful to.   
Free Shipping - Be Careful!
If you were offered free shipping, and who the shipper might be was important to you, why wouldn't you just ask?