Will An Anthem AV Receiver Benefit From An Aftermarket Power Cable

I recently simplified my home theater system by moving from
separates to an Anthem AV receiver. The Anthem is internally
grounded so the stock rubber cable has just two prongs.

So would there be a benefit to getting an aftermarket cable?

In my analog system, I use Cullen or similar priced cables,
I would be in the same price range for the receiver.





I like to use shielded cables when I can, with the idea being that the shielding may reduce noise picked up from nearby wiring.

Even if the unit has a 2 prong IEC connector a shielded cable might be worthwhile.

Try one of your "other" aftermarket power cords on the Anthem to see/hear if it makes a difference/improvement and then go from there.


You list various cables with your system (use what you have @ hand).



The truth is that any piece of equipment can benefit from an upgraded power cord. 

Agree with @auxinput but, if this is strictly a home theater system you have to ask if the sonic benefits will really matter to you in the end. The small nuances that matter a lot to me in 2-channel and that a better PC can surely bring out — not so much important to me in HT.  BTW, I also use Cullen power cables in my HeadFi setup and think he provides great build quality and value.

My ears and trials say there will be differences and it will be up to you to determine if you like the differences. I have tried different cords on my Marantz 8802 preamp and a Cardas cord sounded different then an Elrod cord than an AQ cord vs a Pangea. Because the receiver is presumably close to a cable box or satellite receiver having good isolation will be helpful - those things are noisy.


Sources will benefit more, DAC, Streamer, CD,.


Spend your money on your room.

Don’t sell you Anthem receiver short! It’s an excellent piece of equipment which can sound really good. A good power cord should make a noticeable improvement especially if you push the receiver & play your system loudly & draw some real current. Try an Audioquest in the $200 - $300 range to start.

I like the Anthem. It replaced a 10 year old Marantz AV
Processor and Parasound amplifier. I've got a Cullen
power cable on order.  



@ericsch just curious how the Anthem compares to your older Marantz.  My experience with Marantz is that it skews to to the warmer side and lacks detail up top, which I’d think the Anthem would excel in.  Your thoughts?

@soix Really to early to tell. I’ve only had it in the
system a couple of weeks and haven’t watched
any movies with it yet. I have listened to a few CD’s
through my Oppo BDP93 and the sound was quite good.

I need to run the Anthem room correction one more
time just to be sure I got it right the first time. The ARC
is much easier to set up compared to the Marantz Audyssey
and it appears to be a more advanced technology.

As previously mentioned, I went from the Marantz AV Proc./ 5 Channel
Parasound combo to the Anthem mostly for the simplicity and
newer technology. You are probably correct that the Marantz is
skewed to the warmer side, I am hoping for more detail from
the Anthem, especially with movie dialog. BTW, The Parasound
A52 was a fine amplifier.

I think @eriksquires recently acquired an Anthem AVR, he may
have some thoughts.