Why Are There So Many Used Rogue ST-100's Being Offered For Sale?

Seems like used listings pop up every week, including from resellers. This has been going on for a while. A "dark" version was just listed today. I was contemplating picking one up, but now I'm doubtful that I will. I had read that there were transformer hum issues. Are there other issues?


I had a ST-100 and it's a very good amp. Only reason I sold it because I stepped up to a REF75SE.  They are affordable and I'm sure a lot were sold so people are selling to purchase something else. 

One needs to remember that the number of the units on the used market is tied to the number of new units sold. Rogue has been around for 27 years and is well known for their reasonably priced amps and excellent sound. That's a recipe for selling a lot of gear.  And, if a company has sold a lot of new product, that naturally increases the number of units on the used market. 

And, since Rogue makes moderately priced amps, it is no surprised that people sell them as they move up the food chair to fancier, more expensive units. I've never seen much in the way of negative comments about the brand, so, for the above reasons, I wouldn't worry much about buying a used one as long as the seller is reputable.

As others have rightfully pointed out now — it’s simply a popular amp that’s been out for several years. If you’re looking for nefarious undercurrents you’re not going to find them here. There are simply a lot of units out in the field, and over time, many of those owners will decide to upgrade or leave the hobby for various reasons. Add to that many now getting spooked by the current tube shortage — this specifically affects the best KT120 and KT88 options for these amps. I have monoblocks that use 16 KT88 and another set of monos that uses 8 KT88, and then yet another which uses 12 KT120 (Rogue Apollo Dark) and I’m not budging from tubes but everyone’s different lol.

Anyways, if you were interested in the ST100 it’s a good time to pick one up or bargain with the sellers. Great amp! For even cheaper you can look for its earlier iteration the Stereo 90. Also a great amp.

I would not hesitate to buy a Rogue Product at all.  If I was in the market for an amp I would jump on an ST100.

I noticed this as well and if the ST100 sounds anything like my Cronus Magnum III then it's going to be an incredible piece.  I'd like to try one to compare.

The ST100 is a great amp backed by excellent customer service. Overall it’s a great value. I owned one and never had the transformer hum issues. 

I've also noticed certain waves of products or brands for sale over time, which my best guess is someone lists a particular item, and then you see others follow suit and list theirs too in the hopes of selling for whatever reason. Certainly not unique to any component or brand.

People are dumping them because KT 120s are impossible to get for the foreseeable future. This is no indication of the amp’s sound quality which is really nice in all areas.

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