Which stands for Joseph Audio Pulsars?

These amazing speakers needs good stands I am hearing your recommendations?
there are some (expensive looking) stands on a youtube video demonstrating the pulsars at an audio show. they look really solid and more elegant than sound anchors. OTOH i personally think sound anchors are an excellent choice as well, although they may need to be filled in this case with sand or lead shot. you can even order them with spikes that can raise or lower the front or back of the stand if needed. you tell them what you want and they manufacturer it from scratch if you so desire.
Speaking of filling with sand, I have each Pulsar sitting on a large Tupperware-style plastic container that measures 4 1/2" x 7" x 11". Each container is filled to the brim with fine dry beach sand. Each speaker sits on a solid wood book shelf. The sound is amazing. I don't use stands.
What does Jeff Joseph use at shows? I would think he would have a good idea of what works best, unless of course the appearance of what he recommends is unacceptable to you.

Skylan and Core Audio are two companies that come to mind although I must say I have no experience with either.
When I visited their room at Axpona, Jeff Joseph was using some funky looking home-brew stands that either he or a friend made in a machine shop. They appeared minimal, functional, but not very attractive. I thought Jeff needed to find something that looked more in line with the great aesthetics of the Pulsars themselves.
I know Jeff was using Osiris stands at one point (what he brought to Fremer's for the S'phile review), but sadly no longer made. I'd give Joseph Audio a call. I'm sure they'll have some recommendations and who better to ask?
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Sound Anchors' 4 Post Stands work great with the Pulsars. (the 3 post does also)
Could you please give me the ideal dimensions for the 4post sound anchors stands?
-regarding Pulsars-

Sorry I somehow missed your last question. I doubt you are still on the search for stands, but if so, the medium size stand from Sound Anchors works. Or, you can tell the guys at Sound Anchors what you have, and they build the top plate to work exactly with the Pulsars (if you want to bolt them down).
Email Arnold at Core Audio Designs, he makes some beautiful, highly functional speaker stands. He made me a pair for my MM Decapo i. If you get a chance look up his website. Truly worth it.
For sound and safety, I like the plates attached to bottom of the Pulsars bolted to the Sound Anchor stands.