Best options today for 78 playback?

Well it looks like I have inherited a couple of boxes full of assorted 78rpm records from family.
No idea how well they play...yet.
Visually they look decent, not cleaned any as of yet.

So looking for cost effective solution to actually play these!

Do not want anything too crazy priced but would like to listen to them at least once.

What are options for 78rpm tt? Anybody make new or are we looking at used? I read you need a specific stylus for them as well? Special cartridge too??
This will be hooked up to a phono stage as the system I will add too does not have phono specific input, so do I need a special phono stage as well?
Thank you
Uber any used cheapo ceramic cart turntable with a 78 needle will do. No need to get fancy wi 78s. They are pre-hifi. Lots of midrange and thats about it. Very interesting to listen to. Look around at yard sales etc. I found one by Sylvania a few years back for 10 bucks that worked perfectly. I keep it around for when needed. Most people with ceramic cart tables that had the flp over 33/78 needles never used the 78 needle so many are in good condition. I played and converted my old 78s to digital and out them on my music server.  Ceramic carts are the ones used commonly on mass produced record players/turntables from the late 50s into the early eighties when people had some interest in playing old 78s as well as newer lps.    A ceramic cart table connects to any line level input on a pre-amp.   Not phono input!   I connect the Slyvania to my Audio Research pre-amp when needed. I bet it never had such good company!  
So basically by taking the low fi route as 78rpm does not require anything much more i do not even need a dedicated phono stage?
Interesting indeed, maybe able to get this done on a very low budget indeed, looks like some ebay surfing time.....
Uber that's basically it.  

The other option is to seek out a rebuilt victrola or similar old 78'record player and do it the old fashioned authentic way.  I would love to have one perhaps someday. 
Or you could simply play it on your existing table. My deck supports 78rpm playback (which I get to use with this )

And add a Miyajima Kotetu as the playback cartridge with a 3mil stylus ... obviously you can spec a fancier Miyajima if you prefer

btw there's amazing dynamic range and emotion in 78s so they do respond to quality playback even if the ultimate frequency extremes are limited
My tt definitely does not do

Quick perusal of eBay shows only newer Crosley and similar stuff or a bunch of technics and Pioneer dj tables that support 78. None of them appeared to have a dedicated 78 stylus.
So might have to haunt yard sales and cl for a spell.
My neighbor has the current Pioneer DJ style table that has a street price of about $250. It's pretty good for the price and it plays 78's. That's one of the reasons he bought it. He had ONE 78 that he wanted to hear, so he wanted a table that had the option to play 78's.
Yep that sounds like the one I see on eBay, same price range.
Sounds ok from specs t bh with +/- 12% on speed and a digital output to boot.
Would need a phono stage with that as well though but a $40 budget job would do.
I am sure it does not have a 78 specific stylus though so a few more dollars.

Mapmans idea so far is by far the