I need some VPI parts and can't get in touch with anyone at VPI, They no longer have a phone number and I don't know any dealers with-in 400 miles of me.....I have e-mailed them several times without answers......Of course I can't call them, so I'm in trouble for these parts....I have six VPI turntables, any help ??? Will
Seems like they are having another close to death situation with Mat's Grandfather.

See info HERE

They might be a little preoccupied at the moment. Sad to hear the news....
Autospec ... try this telephone number: 732-583-6895

I may write my own e mail to Mat. I'm sorry to learn about Mat's grandfather. While I can understand why the Weisfeld family is offline, there's still Mike, Jack and Jason.

I wish Mat's grandfather a rafuah schlaimah (speedy recovery). But business is business.
Why does Wagner always sound poor on VPI turntables!

It must be a conspiracy !
Call Larry from Hollywood Sound in FL. All he does is TT's. If anyone can help you, he can.
They are dealing with family sickness, Matts grandfather is in the hospital and the employees of VPI have been going to the hospital to pay their last respects. So sad. Give them another week or so and they will be back to normal. Sometimes things happen, and in my eyes, family ALWAYS comes first.
Thanks for all the help, I'll give it some time........It's too bad about the family.....Will

Business is Business and Family is Family. In High End Audio you are not dealing with multi national corporations, rather you are dealing with smaller family oriented businesses that care about what the make rather than the bottom line.

So, please cut Matt and the great folks at VPI a little slack in this time of family care. Matt has done more than anyone I know to promote high end audio to the next generation.

Good Listening

I went through the same issue a couple of months ago.
I wanted to order another pulley and belts for my Aries 3 motor.
I spoke with someone, I don't remember his name .
He said VPI will stop selling directly to customers and call a retailer to order , he gave me the part numbers.

I ended up ordering my parts from MusicDirect.

Sorry to hear about his grandgather.
You are right, Larry is the best! No one I know, knows more about TTs than Larry. He has been my "go to" guy for the past 12 years.
You guys do realize VPI dropped Larry as a dealer? Check out his most recent ad for a Traveler if it's still active on the site. Larry added some comment in the listing, very professional but questioning their model.
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Doesn't surpise me Jcoehler as Larry and I extensively spoke about this last time I visited. A head to head comparison between the "new" Traveler and the RP6 also made me question the model. Just my opinion :-)
"09-15-14: Jcoehler
You guys do realize VPI dropped Larry as a dealer? Check out his most recent ad for a Traveler if it's still active on the site. Larry added some comment in the listing, very professional but questioning their model."

Sorry if I gave out some bad info. I had no idea Larry was no longer a VPI dealer. I bought 2 VPI's from him myself. The OP was looking for some VPI parts, and if you have ever been to Larry's store, you may figure that he would be a good place to start your search.
Schubert...I have the London Ring and it sounds great on my VPI/3D arm/BenzLPS (Rainbow Bridge in Das Reingold sends cries of glee when I hear it)
Pbnaudio .... Peter, I stand corrected. You are 100% correct ... period. Mat, if you catch this thread, I hope all turns out well with your grandfather. I apologize for a momentary lapse of "asshole'ery."

Bob: Maybe you an help me with the VPI parts.........I have 6 or 7 VPI turntables........How can I get a hold of you on this ?? Its such a shame that we can't get parts for a great turntable......Its like having a Austin Martin and can't get air for the tires Will
They only work thru dealers now. I was Given "Sound Stage Direct", and ordered parts thru them. It took
5 weeks (!) to get parts for my HW-19 Mk IV...
Well I've come up with a plan, I'll buy used VPI turntables and junk them out for parts......I can become the first used VPI parts house........Right now I have about 8 or 10 of them....... I have found a local machine shop that can make most of the parts I need ..........What a shame to have to go that route ....... Thanks Harry for the fine turntable you brought us.......
It would be nice if someone at VPI would at least send a list of dealers to deal with for parts......I dealt with a dealer, or so he said he was and when everything was said and done I was out the money and never got the parts.....I have e-mailed "Bob" about getting some parts but I haven't heard from him either......Will

There is a dealer locator option on the VPI site:


Hopefully this will help you some.

***VPI dealer disclaimer
my responses are being edited to take out content. you can get my email address from my website or you can find bobsdevices on the dealer page of VPI in wilmington north carolina
What are you guys talking about....I just spent some time E-mailing with Matt. The vpi family just had a death and were out of touch for a time in their loss. All is up and running now.
I hoped a VPI expert might have a solution to my issue. I just upgraded my HW19 Mark II with a TNT Mark V platter and bearing. I think I have it pretty well sorted out except that after 20 minutes, the platter slows as evidenced by the pitch change. Any ideas of what might be causing this? I'd like to listen to more than one side per day!


If putting some talcum powder on the belt doesn't help, please tell me the RPM of the motor you have...Is it 300 or 600?
Figured it out with the help of Larry at Hollywood Sounds. The pulley would heat up and then begin slipping on the spindle. Two drops of Superglue solved the problem. Highly recommend Larry!