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Everyone is selling their Ayre QB-9 DSD's??
"Could just be more people coming to terms with the fact that the sound quality difference between a $500 Dac and a $3500 Dac is very small relative to upgrades like better speakers or adding room treatments and they're just going to put a bunch o... 
Digital Formats
"11-29-15: 2channeljunkieThere in lies the issue would have to buy the Sony to compare and if no noticeable gain in sound would be stuck to unload the unit.."That's the nature of the hobby. You listen and compare. To be honest, unless you have iss... 
Digital Formats
"If my music is ripped in wav and apple lossless then I would get no benefit in going from my current set up of a wadia I70I into my Theta Dac to the Sony HAP Z1?"You would need to listen to both setup's and pick the one that sounds best. 
Digital Formats
"Is there any truth to the whole hi Rez business?"Absolutely. There's plenty of places that sell hi rez music. 
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
"11-29-15: TatersZd452,They will send you all the cables you want if you are willing to pay the 5 percent of the retail price of the cable plus shipping. They don't provide this service for free."The 5% they charge you goes toward the cables if yo... 
Why a headphone amp
There are some people that use a poweramp for headphones. The amps are usually low power tube designs, not high power SS. 
Sony service Gibson TV, Roseville MI. XA5400ES
"I even thought about doing the mod squad upgrade, then asking them to fix he issue with the LCD."Mods will void your warranty. 
Audio grade USB cables
"This becomes maddeningly apparent after using USB Disruptor, and I can't think of a single audiophile upgrade that accomplishes so much for so little cash."That's because you make them. 
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
"11-28-15: NonoiseI have no doubt whatsoever with your findings, it's just the tone.I actually wish I could afford to try the expensive cables out there."If you live in the US, give The Cable Company a call. They'll send you a box full of whatever... 
Upgrade Path
"Any and all opinions would be welcome. What do you guys think should be the first most significant upgrade. I am open to all suggestions keeping in mind that I want to keep costs low."Save up and buy a really good preamp. If not, you'll be upgrad... 
Upgrade from Proac Response 1SC?
I think you would like the 2.5's. Its kind of like the 1sc, only bigger. 
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
I wasn't finding fault. I've annealed metals before, but not cables. I just wanted to find out what you used to heat the cable uniformly and at what temperature. 
What would be a good turntable/tonearm/cartridge
"11-27-15: CleedsThere's really no such thing as a turntable that's easy to set up and maintain. A turntable requires very careful setup, and maintenance with LPs is never-ending."For some people maybe. You can buy an all Rega TT and cart that's p... 
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
How do you go about annealing your own cables? 
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
"Typically you ended up with the money because you were smart enough to put yourself in a position to even have a system and afford the hobby."Something tells me you don't live in the US. Over here, typically someone does go out and work for the m...