upgrade player or use modified oppo bdp 105 as transport

New to asking questions but I am looking to replace my "Modwrighted"  (all mods and power supply) Oppo BDP 105 (not 105D) player as I believe there's much better out there these days and I have experienced expensive tube deterioration way in advance of claimed hours. ( leads to bright or harsh sound) (solid state only in the future) Love that it plays and decodes all (SACD,HDCD,CD) (yeah blue ray and DVDA too but I have none)  Was considering using it as a transport to a killer DAC (MQA included) but was under the impression the bdp105 lacks the most effective means of outputting digital info to an outboard DAC.??????  (digital outs listed are "optical" and "coaxial')  Really loved the sound but I think things have improved on the digital frontier over the last 7-plus years.

All input is most welcome. Thanks.

System: Modwright/Oppo BDP 105 as a source

Parasound JC2 Pre amp into a Pass Labs X250.5 amp to Harbeth 30.1 speakers on stands.

Cables. Cardas balanced (xlr)



Last year I was looking to upgrade my Oppo to something else and I realized that I stream in hi res so I didn’t need the SACD much and with my current DAC, almost any CD transport would work.  I bought an Audiolab 6000CDT and have been very happy. Although I hear Jay’s Audio has a new transport. 😁

I have a 105D (although not modified) and never use it anymore. Unless you have a large collection of SACD or the like I would invest in a better Dac and a ripper/streamer. I started ripping disks years ago- much better to me than upgrading disk players. 

get a new player, or transport and DAC, sell the Oppo ... streaming is a separate issue


DAC sounds like the way to go and it seems like a teally good with MQA decoding is going to drain the wallet. I'm sure there are some decent giant killers out there. Any favorites I should look at??m

Another vote for a DAC and add a streamer when you can. If you have access to Qobuz where you are there’s really no need to bother with the MQA BS. What’s your budget for a DAC, and would you be looking for new or used?

  I use my 105 as a transport into a Bryston DAC 3.  I use the HDMI output for SACD Blu Ray and DVD-A, and the coax for Red book, although Redbook plays over the HDMI as well.  I have a DSP (SHM Mini) connected to my DAC for Redbook but cant do sound processing fror the DSD from SACD

Here’s a nice Denafrips Terminator 2 that’s in your price range and should provide significant improvements in all areas…


If you can squeeze it into your budget I’d also highly recommend adding a DDC like this Musician Leo that’ll both re-clock and allow you to run an i2S connection into your DAC…


Heres a review of another Terminator version and their highest Gaia DDC that I think does a nice job describing the attributes you can expect. I recently added a DDC and i2S into my Musician Pegasus DAC and the improvements were immediately obvious and very much inline with what this reviewer found.

 Hope this helps, and best of luck.

Soix, thank you for the links. Great read exposing just how little I know about digital audio. Much more to lear/research.

+1 or the Audiolab 6000CDT, but check out the Pro-ject player, which Im told sounds excellent, has the important innards to its big brother transport, but has coax outs to connect to your dac of choice

Thanks all for the responses. I have been pouring over several forums here and realize I'd like to upgrade for the "last" time (LOL) and do it right the first time. Based on many  A-goner's inputs (and others) I find myself lusting for something like the PS Audio Direct Stream MK2 DAC coupled with the relatively new Perfect Wave SACD transport (supports CD too but not HDCD). (add streaming later)  Obviously price is the big stumbling block. Really like the reviews and testimonials for the Holo May dac (spelling) and the Denafrips Terminator II dac.  Both are nearly as pricey as the Direct Stream, but I'm thinking synergy might come into play here as I'm not finding a lot of choices for stellar SACD/CD transports. Not sure I can wait for these goodies to turn up on the used market...but 15K + is probably too rich for my situation.  Finding that while our passion for 2 channel audio is a very niche market, there seem to be countless choices for gear and opinions out there with no real set standards and the like. So much to wade through, like I just sat and watched the audio world morph into an uber complicated pass time. Still looking for potential "giant killers". Love to "hear" what others think.

Happy Listening 

There are two PS Audio Units currently listed on Agon- perfect wave dac and SACD player at roughly $8.5K for both. You shouldn’t have to wait long to find these on the used market- there is a lot of it out there!

I have an oppo 105 that I use as a transport . I am considering an upgrade but I wonder if a new transport will sound noticeably better. Any idea would be welcome.

Maybe 5+ years ago I bought a 105 strictly to play SACDs at the time I was using a Pioneer PD 65(?) for redbook:it was much better. but it eventually died. I came across aftermarket LPSs and installed one. Big improvement BUT... I bought a Marantz HD CD-1  which also died. I sold the 105 replacing it with a Audiolab CDT 6000 (used $350 )which is great value, I upgraded the PC, coax cable and vibration/iso feet. Hell of a port in the storm for little money

I was on the same quest and am still tied to CD/SACD playback.  I had a Modwright player and did a ton of research on a separate transport / dac that would do SACD's.  PS Audio was the only choice that I found that was viable in the price range I was considering.  I have some concerns about their products and pricing structure but I won't go into that.  If you don't care about SACD's there are excellent options as mentioned.  I finally ordered an Esoteric K-03XD based on it's transport and overall performance.  I got a 20% discount and at least it has a three year warranty which is better than most others.  I can always get a streamer at some point.  It should be here next week.  


I went with the project RS2T transport (used) into a Musetec 005 dac via rca coax...balanced outs from the dac into a Benchmark LA4 pre,,,,,,,

Sound was great, better than the bdp 105 as a transport.  How much better is hard for me to quantify.  A/B critical listening is difficult given many factors including short attention span  LOL.  While the project was "away" for "repair" (bogus), I felt the 105 had a lil more midrange punch but wasn't fleshing out instrument separation as well.

But I've had issues with the Project. Strange ones regarding sound cut-outs that seem to be tied to electronic devices turning on in the house.  Also, no sound at all using outboard power supply from LTS designed specifically for the project. They sent me two with two new umbilical cords. Neither worked.  Sent the project to the u.s. based repair center.  Worthless. Exact same issues persist.  I am now daisy-chaining two power conditioners until I can figure my next move. Love the sound when it works.  Also see that the RS2T is no longer on back order, so, maybe they have fixed their issues, but now I'm gun-shy.   Another option is a jays-audio cd3 mk3 at 5k.  New Project RS2T's run 3k and I still have the unused LPS.

Bottom line....I feel transport to dac is superior to a cd player. 

Thinking about trying the 105 as sacd transport into a geerfab dbob device that can deliver some type of higher res signal to the dac.  It uses HDMI out from the 105 then coax out from the dbob.  I know someone that has a dbob and loves it,

Happy listening.

I’m not as patient as you are, and I’d dump the ProJect asap (the writing’s on the wall with that one) and just move on — life’s too short.  You could pick up something like this Jay’s Audio CD2 Mk3 for only about $2k and probably get even better sound quality without all the issues.  


Best of luck.


You are probably correct. The RS2T is driving me crazy. Really think its a mute issue tied to an internal power problem.    Mute button on the remote has never worked. In fact only two or three buttons actually work on the remote.  Just unbelievable.

Eager to try out some other higher end transport.  Not sure about another used digital device.  Maybe from someone I know.  Hans Beekhuyzen reviewed the cd3mk3 at 5k but at the end of the youtube review he said some other transport sounded better but, for the life of me, I could not make out the device that he mentioned.  Anyway.

Happy listening.


FYI, I was having "issues"" on my Audiolab 6000 remote. After a lot of head scratching, the batteries were low. Replaced and all issues went away

I'm going to try a Schiit Urd (arriving today) into a Benchmark DAC3 (arrived yesterday) to replace my heavily modified 105D going into a Primaluna Dialogue Premium integrated driving rebuilt ML SL3s in my 'house' system. With the 105D this system is rather fussy about recordings; sounds amazing with early Fourplay recordings but Pat Metheny recordings of the same era, eh, not so much. I'm hoping the new front end will provide more 'space' between instruments. I'll report back.


Hope you post your impressions on the Urd here. I've been looking into it as a replacement and also the Schiiit dacs.   Like the idea the urd has usb output. My musetec dac is supposedly optimized for usb input. Not a lot of transports have usb interface. Currently using rca/coax transport to dac.  Have not tried AES/EBU as I don't have a good cable or any suitable cable.

Look forward to your input.


First, the Schiit is very well-built. The tray is solid, more like my Wadia, not the plastic-y feel of the Oppo 105. The relief for CD placement is a little shallow so you have to feel around a bit to make sure the CD is properly placed - this will take some getting used to. Nice remote (with icons that can only be seen with the help of optical devices) but a nice size and heft otherwise: a solid, brushed aluminum bar (no idea how you replace the battery or batteries in it - no visible openings). The transport itself is a no brainer to operate. Select your input and press play.

So, the set up is the Urd connected to the Benchmark dac3 b via coax (.5m Wireworld Starlight 8), to Primaluna Dialog Premium integrated, to ML SL3s with a Rythmik L12 sub.

My immediate impressions are the soundstage is noticeably bigger and the highs have a lot more space and sparkle compared to the 105D. These are not a subtle differences (and I have very bad hearing from too many years in front of amplifiers). The mid-bass though seems a bit muddled or undefined. For example, with Nathan East signing along with his playing on solos its a little hard to pick up the string attack of the bass from his voice. The 105 presented this better I think. 

Now having said that, I adjusted my sub volume down a bit and cranked up the Primaluna integrated (the wife isn't home at the moment) and, wow, yeah, I can do this! I think I just needed to fill the space; it's a big room, 17x28x10. The sound is concert-like. You can pick who you want to concentrate your listening on in the performance, puts you right their shoes, and you can feel/hear everything they're doing. At lower volume the system sounds small, if you know what I mean.

I can't tell you which component did what to the sound because, in a very poor example of scientific method, a changed multiple variables at the same time. I can only say that the Benchmark and the Schiit play well together in my system- better than Oppo with it's internal dac. It was worth the upgrade.