Thread Responses Greyed Out

Is everyone having this issue,  all responses in a thread are greyed out and attenuated until you click on them? If this is intentional it seems like a step backwards in usability.
I should probably know better..
@ebm - obviously not something you'd care to repeat, huh?
It’s a really good feature, I use it regularly to quickly scan through responses in a thread. As OP said, one click or tap if on an iPad to see all post.
Slight correction its collapse all responses so they all grey out and go into preview mode, once you click a response it appears normal.
Nice to know one can collapse a thread. 
Does that count as a singularity?
Nope turns out somehow" collapse thread" got engaged that's what happened. Glad I noticed Tammy had no clue and when I told her said she forgot they even had that feature.

If you type something you get this

If you type something "and left click (hold) and draw across and release it’s blue highlighted" and then you left click the quote square above you get this
Cheers George