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Speaker in car boot on hot day
Umm, it’s the middle of winter here in Australia, max temp last 5 days in Melbourne has been around 13 Celsius and mostly overcast can hardly be described as a hot day. Op should check his sat nav that he is actually in Melbourne. This post reads ... 
This one, very touching and feel good tune 
Drivers and how to clean them: Notes from ScanSpeak
I use Pledge grab-it duster on the exposed bass drivers of my Kii Threes, not sure what equaliviant would be outside Australia. like a feather duster but claims made from special grab-it fibres to attract, trap and hold dust, allergens, dirt and h... 
This forum is antiquated.
I disagree with the OP. Nothing wrong with this forum software and design. Slick forums and websites with the functionality referred to cost money which usually comes in the form of advertising, at least here I don’t get bombarded with advertising... 
Thread Responses Greyed Out
It’s a really good feature, I use it regularly to quickly scan through responses in a thread. As OP said, one click or tap if on an iPad to see all post. 
New game with active speakers
Same results as OP, although was a solid state guy, now have Kii Threes and very happy with this setup. 
The NAD M33 will cancel your complaints about Class D
Lets lay those poor phantoms to rest. But Phantom, the Devialet ones are class D, well Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH) amplification. My Kii Threes are class D designed by Bruno, digital is the future and the future is here now. 
Are my standards too high?
@kenjit just buy Kii Threes, all your speaker problems solved, you will be so busy listening to the best speakers in the world, you won’t have time to ever post here again.  
Dutch & Dutch 8c Loudspeakers
You need a preamp with D&D 8c if you want to connect multiple components. I home demoed 8c with Trinnov Amethyst so I could connect my Aurender N100 and VPI TT. I wish D&D would bring out a pre amp like Kii Audio have done with the Kii Con... 
Best Record Cleaning Fluid
I use MelodyMate, Australian made, not sure if available and can be purchased outside Australia. I use MelodyMate in my VPI RCM, replaced the VPI fluid and does as good a job. I apply MelodyMate, use the VPI supplied brush, vacuum, then repeat the... 
Opinions and recommendations on active loudspeakers
New to this forum also. After many years and tens of thousands of dollars on speakers and equipment, the one thing I learnt was that the room has the most impact on SQ. My hifi system has always been setup in the main living area of our home so al...