The Good Stuff

There are simply two kinds of music, good music and the other kind ... the only yardstick by which the result should be judged is simply that of how it sounds. If it sounds good it's successful; if it doesn't it has failed. --  Duke Ellington

This purpose of this thread is to provide a place to post outstanding examples of the Good Music. 
Genre Immaterial.

On the Old Kentucky Shore // Joan Osborne & Ricky Skaggs

My CD has a different cover art, but it is the same album.

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If you like Sinatra, check wonderful 3 CD package Capitol Records released in 1990.  Available on Amazon.  Called Frank Sinatra - The Capitol Years, it captures what is arguably Sinatra at his peak.   
Kentucky Shore:
The harmony is great, but the fiddle is awesome. Sometimes you have to listen for it.

Frank and The Count:
A match made in heaven. I have them ’Live at The Sands’. Both of these guys are in a class by themselves. Swag.

Rising Sun:
Very good, although it did bring back painful memories of my Mom taking us to a neighbor's house every Sunday night to watch the Ed Sullivan show. "Sit still and don’t touch anything" :(


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Except for the fact that what is good to some is drivel to others.
Especially youtube
Gallagher was to Ireland, what a young Bruce Springsteen was to Asbury Park, New Jersey.     

I had the pleasure of seeing Rory Gallagher and his band 3 times and this performance from his 1974 Irish Tour.

Hard to pick a "favourite guitarist", but Rory is always top 3.


Here's a few of my CDs that I find are easy to get lost in:

Telarc - Ceremonial Music for Trumpet & Symphonic Organ by Rolf Smedvig & Michael Murray

Stand Ye Steady: Songs of Courage & Inspiration by Usma Cadet Glee Club

The Sound of Glory by Mormon Tabernacle Choir on SACD

The first three are fantastic recordings and great listening music.  This last one is a slight step down for recording quality, but you enjoy this type of music it'll suck you in every time.

Love Divine: inspirational CD by pianist Ian Mulder & London Symphony Orchestra (there's actually six of these and they are all great listening)

@bigtwin -- Hey, I've got that Sinatra box set on French LPs. Gorgeous pressings. Titled "Swinging, Sexy, Sinatra."

Gene Harris & Roger Kellaway - Senor Blues/Splanky

The Worst Thing - Wynton Marsalis Septet ft. Natalie Merchant

What Have You Done? - Wynton Marsalis  from United We Swing

There are simply two kinds of music - one that a particular person likes and one that that particular person does not like. I like a lot of rock and pop, and I could list hundreds of examples of GREAT music, but that list would be too long. I don't like jazz, country, blues and a few other genres, but I make no value judgements about any of it. Just because an artist is great doesn't mean their music is something I enjoy.... 

I think you miss the point.  List outstanding performances of the music you like, or even music you don't like.  The emphasis being on the phrase 'outstanding performances'.

'Rock' is normally not my thing, but, the post of  Rory Gallagher was wonderful.  I loved that.  Turn down the volume, and I could be a Rock fan.    Most of the music in any genre is average.  So, post the exceptional stuff that you think will appeal to many.

BTW, this is not an Audiophile thread.  So, no need to be confrontational.

Rolf Smedvig & Michael Murray

And to think I considered myself a trumpet player, at least until I heard this.  Great clip.

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Now we has Jazz

Lee Morgan
Boy, What A Night (Remastered 1999/Rudy Van Gelder Edition)

Les McCann / Eddie Harris
You Got It in Your Soulness (Live at Montreux Jazz Festival)


+on Rory Gallagher, I worked with a couple of  guys from Ireland in the early 70's who turned me on to Taste and I've been a fan ever since. Also caught him live on the Boston Common. His dislike of releasing 45 rpm probably hurt him game here. 

Traditional [Gospel] : Am I a Soldier of the Cross

Traditional [Gospel] : Twelve Gates to the City

Trad / Arr Jennings : Poor Pilgrim - Medley

Trad / Arr Jennings : "My soul is a witness"


Iris Dement's My Life album, which includes her devastating song "No Time To Cry" (covered by a big admirers of hers---Merle Haggard).

Anything by J.S. Bach. To have your DNA permanently altered, listen to a good recording of his Concerto For 4 Harpsichords And Orchestra. Make it the last thing you play that day, as it will spoil you for anything that follows.


If you enjoy trumpet music, then you need to check out these:

Bach, Handel, Purcell: Gloria by Gabor Boldoczki

Italian Concertos by Gabor Boldoczki

Boldoczki is a true virtuoso that makes what should be impossible sound routine.  It's rare to find a music that combines true virtuoso difficulty with great listening music and these are both excellent recordings as well.


Dee Dee Bridgewater

Tribute to Horace Silver

Tokyo Blues


Song for my Father


Filthy McNasty



Since we're in the Christmas spirit...this is my favorite song currently.



Dee Dee Bridgewater


with / The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra


One Fine Thing


Treme Song / Do whatcha wanna


Big Chief


Saint James Infirmary





So much i love Maria Callas , my favoriter singer is Marian Anderson...


I use the source button but cannot insert the video only the adress sorry....

Pictures at an Exhibition

Cleveland Orchestra - Lorin Maazel

Telarc Digital    1979



"There are simply two kinds of music, good music and the other kind ... the only yardstick by which the result should be judged is simply that of how it sounds. If it sounds good it's successful; if it doesn't it has failed. --  Duke Ellington"


The only problem with applying this quote is, none of us possess the ears or taste of an Ellington!   As long as we interpret  "successful" to mean as "it sounds good to me", aren't we simply rationalizing our personal preferences? I don't believe this is what Ellington had in mind. 



"As long as we interpret "successful" to mean as "it sounds good to me", aren’t we simply rationalizing our personal preferences? I don’t believe this is what Ellington had in mind."


Neither do I. And that is not the correct interpretation. I am sure he meant that ’Good Music’ crosses all musical, social, and cultural barriers or boundaries with it’s appeal, and as a minmum is considered among the best within it’s genre. I am sure he did not mean that ’Good Music’ was whatever he happened to like.






Duke Ellington


Columbia / Sony   1956 / 1999   2CD Set





Spirituals -- Kathleen Battle & Jessye Norman

In That Great Getting Up Morning


Scandalize My Name


They Crucified My Lord


He's Got The Whole World in His Hands



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And I thought I had heard every song Ray ever sung. Never heard either of those.

I finally figured out how to post more than one clip, but you can no longer separate them with a space.


Is it Sang or sung?  The Frogman will know.

I just posted a third clip and it took out the one before it.  Still trying to figure it out.


Sang, not sung. Unless you had written “…..every song he should have sung”. Past participle.